Senior Info

SENIOR NOTES 2020-2021: Published around the 15th of each month

Senior Notes will be sent to seniors and their parents/guardians, via Skyward, around the 15th of every month and will cover a lot of territory. Be sure to look through the whole newsletter to see what applies to you and please make sure to keep your Skyward contact information up-to-date. *Check Senior Notes MONTHLY for the 21st Senior Session topic of each month for the Class of 2021.


Senior Meeting 5/5 during Bear Time (Slide Show)


Questions?  Please reach out to Ms. Boelts



21ST SENIOR SESSIONS - THE 21ST OF EVERY MONTH (Attendance is Optional)


  • April 21st @ 3pm - HSBP Completion Session - Incompletes get placed on a No Walk List for Graduation
    Join this Zoom if you need help completing your HSBP!

  • March 21st @ 11am - Land That Job!(Everyone welcome, attendance optional)
    Special guest: Christina Chesnut from WA WorkSource
    Networking, Searching, Resumes & Interviewing will be discussed.
  • February 21st @ 11am - Resume Review & Questions (attendance optional) Everyone welcome!
    Resumes are a graduation requirement!
  • January 21st @ 3pm - Scholarships & Future Costs of Education
  • December 21st - Cancelled due to Winter Break
  • November 21st @ 11am - Senior Q&A
    • Sorry this session was not recorded
  • October 21st @ 3pm -  $cholarships & Naviance College App Navigation



  • Senior Meeting Jan 20th at 1:45pm
    • Join your peers & senior class elected officers for an overview of activities, events and plans for our Class of 2021. Highly recommended attendance if you would like to take part in voting and sharing your thoughts on activities, events and items for seniors & graduation.