Letters of Recommendation


So.....you are headed to work or college post high school.  A letter of recommendation provides someone who DOESNT KNOW YOU information from someone who DOES know you.  They are great testimonials & references for opportunities you may be applying to. 



Determine what type of recommendation you need (and HOW MANY you will need)

  • Recommendation for a JOB or OPPORTUNITY (summer program, job shadow, internship, etc...)
  • College recommendation - focused on a career, research school or liberal arts



Determine WHO will you request a recommendation from & WHY



ASK the teacher/staff/community member if they have the TIME to WRITE you a letter and if they are willing.


  • Send via email - drop a quick card/note in their MAILBOX in main office

  • Follow up after you have sent the email to insure delivery 




MUST provide a recommender at least 2-3 weeks advance notice.


  • Dates may vary depending on the college deadline or employment location

  • Use your first deadline as your guide for all requests.



Gather information about yourself (think of it as a brag book)

Complete the BRAG SURVEY in Naviance


Video on HOW TO complete your BRAG SHEET


Upload Documents & Supportive Materials into your Naviance Journal area (ABOUT ME>MY JOURNAL)

AND/OR Create a SHARED FOLDER of information to assist them in writing your letter.

  • Recommendation for Job > Provide a resume of your skills, activities & abilities.  

  • Any other Recommendations > College, Internships, Summer Opportunities.  


STEP 6:  If applying to post high school education you must request ALL of your recommendations through Naviance. 


Be specific about your requests for which schools/programs REQUIRE/RECOMMEND letters. 

DO NOT SELECT ALL SCHOOLS for Letters of Recommendation!! 


They are NOT on the recommender list?  REQUEST TO ADD RECOMMENDER TO LIST FORM


STEP 7:  REMIND RECOMMENDER by sending a THANK YOU before your deadline. 

Example:  Provide a thank you to your recommender 1 week before your deadline!

Now you have THANKED them & REMINDED them on the deadline. 



Hi Recommender Name,
I just wanted to reach out to you regarding my letter of recommendation (deadline date), I am so excited to apply to __________________ and your letter is ____{insert feeling}_______. I wanted to just reach out to remind you how important this is for me and how important YOU are to me too! Thank you for the time you have committed to writing this letter and I appreciate the many things you ____{specifics about them}_________. Especially when ________{this happened}_____ and how you handled ____{this with me}______. I have some really great memories of our time together. As a reminder the letter must be submitted to ______{uploaded into my common app account/emailed to email@address.com/mailed to address, city, state/provided to me in a sealed and signed envelope by deadline date}____. If you need me to forward this request again, please let me know. Sometimes these things may get sent into your spam folder and I am happy to send the request again. OPTIONAL - NOT REQUIRED: Enjoy the button/pencil/coffee/chocolate/cookies/cake/gluten-free items I made/purchased for you because I know you LOVE THAT! Again I am very grateful for your support of my future goals. I will be in touch to let you know if anything about my plan or application has changed. Thank you again! I look forward to sharing my results of this application process!! (I know you will be excited for me too!) GO Bears!!

PRINT YOUR NAME & signature





The more information you can provide, the better your recommender can develop your letter.  Suggested length per question is 50-100 words.  Select information based on your needs. 


  1. Please list your three most distinguishing or most admirable qualities.  What would someone say about you?
  2. What accomplishment during high school are you most proud of? Why?
  3. What classes challenged you and what did you learn most from this? 
  4. List your coursework:  Honors, AP, Running Start, New Market, and Advanced Electives classes you have taken. And your grades for those courses. 
  5. List any AP exams you have taken & the scores
  6. What are you most passionate about? Explain if/how this passion influenced your future and/or goals? 
  7. What information would you like the reader to know more about?   
  8. Did you do something other students haven't done or attempted? (no tardies, no absences)
  9. Are you first in your family to go to enter this career field or go to college?  
  10. What are your top three colleges and why are they your top choices?  Provide a list of places you are interested in & their deadlines. (or top 3 employers) 
  11. What is your preferred area(s) of study?  Career Interest? Why? 
  12. Share your college essay or application (draft or final) (if applicable) or your Senior Reflective Essay 
  13. Your goals, ambitions or future plans - where do you see yourself? 
  14. Adversity you may have overcome - personal, social, emotional, academic
  15. Obstacles you encountered and how you have handled this- financial, personal, social, etc…
  16. Projects you are currently working on - in & outside of school
  17. Your post high school plan - career of interest & pathways (NAVIANCE information) 
  18. TEACHER QUESTION - Describe an assignment you have done that you enjoyed and/or something that best showcased your strengths?
  19. TEACHER QUESTION - What did you do in my class that no one else did?


Include Updated Resume: Current, error free with  your achievements, accomplishments & accolades


Optional: PDF: college essay, Senior Reflective Paper, academic work, certificates, evaluations, etc..


Questions?  Please reach out to the College & Career Readiness Center or to your COUNSELOR.