Venue Information

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The PAC is a proscenium venue. Here are some of the details regarding the configuration:


ORCHESTRA: 426 plus 12 seats which may be removed for seating for the disabled.


ADDITIONAL SEATING: 2 rotating seating areas of 133 seats plus space for 6 disabled patrons. These may be included in the main auditorium for large events or left closed for a more intimate experience.


MAXIMUM: 704 plus 12 disabled OR 692 plus 24 disabled


Proscenium Width: 48' 0"

Proscenium Height: 22' 0"

Maximum Centerline Depth to Cyclorama: 46' 0"

Acting Area Width (from onstage edge of masking drapes): 40' 0"

Curved Apron (with composite pit cover) CENTERLINE depth to plaster line:13' 0"

Stage/Pit/Cover Edge to Plaster Line: 5' 0"

Plaster Line to Midstage Traveler Curtain Plaster Line: 15' 0"

Plaster Line to Cyclorama: 33' 0"


The PAC has a counterweight T-track rigging system installed by Stagecraft Industries located stage left. It includes:

  • Projection screen
  • 4 motorized electrical raceways
  • 3 sections of acoustic ceiling
  • Lighting ladders


Maximum Trim: 45' 9" Except: L. 5, 6, 8, 26, 27 Max. Trim 38' 0"

There is a loading bridge and a catwalks at half-height on each side of the stage. There are also 3 catwalks across the stage.

The system is regularly inspected and documentation is available.


Backstage Space

from offstage edge of masking legs:
Stage Left (to rigging operating area)
: 8' 4"
Stage Right (to wall)
: 12' 6" (Note: there may be obstacles such as lighting sconces, electrical panels, etc. that prevent use of the full width)

Drapes: Legs, borders, adjustable tormentors, white cyclorama, midstage blackout traveler, upstage blackout traveler, black scrim.