Running Start

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Running Start

Running Start is a program designed for juniors and seniors who choose to enroll in Community College in order to earn college and high school credit simultaneously for courses completed, 100+level. Students must qualify for the program by obtaining parent/guardian permission and passing the College Placement Test (CPT) given at the Community College. Although not required, it is highly recommended that students considering Running Start, hold a high school GPA of 3.0 or above.

Running Start students pay no college tuition however, they are responsible for the purchase of textbooks, supplies, transportation and other necessary fees (can be up to $600 per quarter with books). Students new to Running Start are required to attend an orientation at South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) prior to enrolling. College Advisors assist students when planning the two year degree requirements and, high school counselors advise students for high school graduation requirements..


General information to help guide potential NEW Running Start students.



The RS Educational & Career Planners have prepared a video. Students & their families can watch the video at:  


Placement Options

Prospective Running Start students will use the English Guided Self Placement (GSP) for placement into English 101.  SPSCC no longer uses ACCUPLACER for English placement of any students.  I have attached a guide on how a student can get access to the GSP.  They complete the GSP online on their own time.  The recommended placement comes to the Assessment Center and then we input it within 1 business day.


For math placement- we still want to see high school transcripts FIRST if the student has completed Alg. II or Pre-Calculus with a “B” or better grade.  If they do not have transcripts or want to try and place higher than what their high school math completion allows, they can take one of four WAMAP exams.  Updated information will be on our Assessment page soon- but essentially students self-select the level of math they wish to test into and then complete an exam on those functions.  Exams are for MATH 107/146, MATH 141, MATH 142 (coming later this spring will be MATH 151).  Students either place or they don’t.  They get one test and one retest.  There is no further WAMAP testing beyond the one retest.  It is FREE and completed online or in person proctored by the Assessment Center. WAMAP is our ACCUPLACER replacement for math placement for high school students.  They should NOT take the Math GSP.


We are super excited students will no longer have a cost barrier for placement at SPSCC! If students have placement questions, they should come to one of the RS Q&A sessions. 


In Progress Math


If students are currently enrolled spring semester in Algebra II or Pre-Calculus and they are NOT planning on taking math at SPSCC summer or fall quarter, then they should WAIT until they have their final spring grade and send us a copy of their unofficial transcript over the summer for placement to take a class starting winter quarter.  Unofficial transcripts can be sent to [email protected]


If they DO plan on taking a math class at SPSCC summer or fall quarter, then we will enroll them as an “In Progress” registration.  They cannot register themselves online for those courses.  They will work through Enrollment Services for those specific classes.  They will need a copy of their first semester transcript to request an In Progress enrollment and then they will have to follow up with their final transcript after second semester grades post.  Students can get more information here:


Registration Timeline

It is important to monitor the OHS morning announcements and the bulletin for exact dates. Here is the general timeline: During the month of April is the time for prospective RS students to fill out their admissions application, set up their email and get their placement completed.  As long as they complete steps 1-4 on the RS Steps to Enroll: they will get an email sent to their SPSCC email at the beginning of May with information about New Student Advising and Registration (NSAR).  If they complete the steps after April, they will automatically receive the email 1 business day after setting up their SPSCC email.


Monitor exact dates through the OHS Announcements and Bulletin. 

Current junior RS students who will continue next year as seniors will be assigned a registration day/time which they can see in their mySPSCC portal beginning the second week of May.

They will register the mid May.