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When do I apply for College

Applications for four-year colleges are usually available starting in October of your senior year. Deadlines can be as early as October 15 or November 1, so be sure to know the deadline and apply well in advance. To view a list of US college application deadlines click HERE.


Olympia High School utilizes NAVIANCE to collect and process college application materials.  Students must move schools they are THINKING ABOUT to schools they are APPLYING TO list in Naviance to start the process for the paperwork to be considered for admissions to the college you are applying to.


  • Counselors are AUTO notified when your school moves to APPLY TO list & they complete an EVALUATION on the student. 
    • Student MUST contact the Counselor via email with personal information if there is a requirement for a written letter of recommendation.  (provide them all the items you provided your recommenders!)

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Washington public and independent 4-year and 2-year college and university directory


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WA State Public & Private Admission Fees & Deadlines

Most college applications are online. You will usually get a quicker response to an online application and the schools are able to contact you more quickly with questions. Applications for two-year community and technical schools are also online and can be filed as early as December of your senior year. The earlier the application, the better chance to get into specific programs and classes.
WA Public & Private College and University Deadlines and Application Fees

WA Community & Technical Colleges


Oregon Public & Private College Information

Oregon has hundreds of opportunities for higher education. Whether you are seeking to improve career training, earn a certificate, complete a bachelor’s degree, or pursue graduate and professional study, a wide variety of programs and campus environments awaits you. Check the WUE for out-of-state rates and programs.


What is the Common Application?

The Common Application (informally known as the Common App) is an undergraduate college admission application that applicants may use to apply to any of more than 700 member colleges and universities in 49 states and the District of Columbia, as well as in Canada, China, and many European countries. Member colleges and universities that accept the Common App are made up of over 100 public universities, 10 Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and over 250 institutions that do not require an application fee. 


FERPA Questions?  How to waive your rights to review your application information > video 


For video advice on the essay prompts click here.


What is the WUE?

With Western Undergraduate Exchange (informally known as the WUE), out-of-state students pay no more than 150% of in-state tuition at participating schools, compared with nonresident rates that can exceed 300% of in-state rates.

Eligible students must be from a WICHE member state. 

Check eligibility requirements for your school of interest. 


What is the difference between Early Action, Early Action Single Choice, Early Decision, Early Decision II, Rolling Admissions and Regular Admission?


  • EARLY ACTION: An early action process whereby a student can submit an application by November 1 (or other designated date) and receive a decision by mid-December. The Early Action student, if accepted, is not bound to enroll. Students are not required to notify the college of their enrollment decision until May 1 and they can apply to other colleges early action or early decision.

  • EARLY ACTION SINGLE CHOICE: You may not simultaneously apply for Early Action or Early Decision to any other school with a few exceptions. Check the school webpage for detailed instructions & requirements. 

  • EARLY DECISION : An early application process that carries a binding commitment to enroll, if accepted, to the college. Student and parent must sign that if admitted, the student will attend the college/university regardless of financial aid award. Colleges will share early decision lists, so all other applications must be withdrawn. Students not admitted under Early Decision are reconsidered with the regular decision candidates. Students and parents will not be informed of financial aid prior to admission. A small number of colleges have a second round of early decision called early decision II. This deadline is usually around January 15th with notification one month later.

  • EARLY DECISION II: Same as ED  I - binding commitment, yet deadline for applications is later in the year and close to the RD deadlines. 

  • REGULAR DECISION:  The most common application process in this country. Students usually apply to colleges between January 1st and the 15th, are notified of the decision by April 1st, and then must let the college know whether they will matriculate by May 1st.

  • ROLLING ADMISSIONS: Students can apply to the program at anytime, acceptance is determined as applications are received.


Washington State 12th Year Campaign

Virtual events for students and parents to help with financial aid and the steps you need to take to apply to college. Click here for more information.


Here are a few tools to help you with your college admission process

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Community and Technical College Resources


Washington State 2-year Community Colleges also require testing prior to enrollment. There are different placement tests used by our Community Colleges, so check the school's website for more information. SPSCC uses the Accuplacer exams in Math and English to determine placement in college classes.


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