Joshua Everson

portrait of Mr. Everson

Joshua Everson

Drawing and Painting Instructor: Room 303


Hello all! It has been a wonderful start to the year with an amazing group of students. Here's what happening in the OHS Art department:


Students are over halfway through a month of Inktober! When black ink gets old we play with other colors, unique backgrounds, brushes, and calligraphy nibs.

This month we had two college presenters speak to students from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland and Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah GA. AP Art students had the chance to discuss portfolio submissions and get helpful insight about their projects.


Maya Rasmussen and Whitney Sederberg, both AP Art students continue working on large scale public art pieces that were approved last year to adorn OHS. Maya is working on a large canvas mural and Whitney is installing a mobile in the library.


Are there any students who would like to speak about the benefits of arts in education at the upcoming TEDx at Olympia HS? Mrs. Jahner and I can help you with statistics.

Splash Art Gallery on the Percival Landing boardwalk is sponsoring an art contest for OHS students! We are very excited for this opportunity to collaborate with our community. There will be judging, prizes, and a showing of the pieces that are accepted. The deadline is December 1st when all submissions need to be emailed to the gallery. Any 2D work that is 8.5x11 inches is accepted including photography, collage, drawing, painting, printmaking. etc. Click this link to see the rules and apply!

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is now open. This is one of the most recognized student contests in the country. OHS students who received awards in this contest have gotten big scholarships to SAIC, U of San Francisco, and a full ride to RISD.


SwiffersMost project instructions are on Schoology so students can view them later or see what they missed.


Late work still receives full credit until the quarter deadline.


I am still looking for empty Swiffer wet mop boxes (preferably with lids). They fit nicely in my storage cabinets! Thanks for thinking of me when you mop.