College in the High School

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What is College in the High School?

College in the High School (CiHS) is a dual-credit program that allows students to simultaneously earn both high school credit and college credit while taking courses offered in high school. CiHS courses are taught by OHS instructors who are approved and trained through the university with who they have partnered.


How do I earn college credit?

After you enroll in the class, you will register with the university or college that is partnering with that particular course. Students who have completed the college registration process will earn a college transcript from the college. Your high school transcript will also list the college course description and credits.


Request your official EWU Transcript here: EWU Transcripts
Request your official CWU Transcript here: CWU Transcripts
Request your official UW Transcript here: UW Transcripts

Do I have to take an AP test to receive college credit in a CiHS course?

No. Some of the CiHS courses are taught along with AP curriculum (a “co-delivery” class); however, you get to choose how you would like to achieve that college credit.
You can take the AP exam and get a high score, or you can easily enroll in the college partnering with your teacher, or you can do both.


Who can take a CiHS course?

CiHS courses are set to mirror grade offerings at OHS. Whichever OHS class you would normally be able to get into at OHS, you can opt into a CiHS version. For students who want the challenge of a college-level course, have a strong work ethic, intellectual curiosity, and are able to work independently, consider starting your college career early, here at OHS.

What college courses are offered at Olympia High School?

Click the following link for a list of courses, credits, and tuition:

College in the High School Classes at OHS



How do I register for a CiHS course?

Students register for a CiHS course with the directions given to them by their classroom teacher for that class. For example, if a student were to take PSYC& 100 offered here by Eastern Wa University, then the classroom teacher, Mrs. Davis, would provide that student with registrations links and details approximately 10 days into the school year. The student would follow those teacher-given directions and  register with Eastern Washington University. Similar routines will occur in all classes after they semester starts. 


When do I pay tuition for a CiHS course?

You don't have to pay any tuition anymore. The state of Washington will now pay tuition for all College in the High School Class after you register.




NO Textbooks & Fees:

  • CiHS classes do NOT carry the burden of textbook costs, lab fees, and computer fees which face students attending college classes off campus.
  • Tuition: Tuition for high school students is underwritten by the state, and so tuition costs charged to high school students are minimal. Tuition in a CiHS class is approximately 80% less than they would pay as a college student taking the same class.

You receive a college transcript:

Students not only get the college course designated on their high school transcript but also receive a transcript from the college. (Used for credit transfer to your future college.)

College credits transfer to other colleges or universities:

Credits earned in the CiHS program are recognized and accepted by all Washington State universities and colleges as well as many private and public institutions outside of Washington. (Check out this transfer guide offered by EWU: Transfer Guide)

HOWEVER, if you earn less than a C or C-, your credit may not be accepted by the college to which you are transferring; which is policy for any college-to-college transfer.

Bonus Designations:

In many CiHS classes, you will automatically receive an A.P. designation on your high school transcript! The A.P. designation on your high school transcript is a bonus; it is NOT dependent on an AP test score, and you do not have to take the A.P. test. Since A.P. classes are college-level curriculums, OHS makes sure that many of our CiHS classes meet A.P. curriculum standards to give you the bonus of an A.P. designation on your high school transcript. This can help when applying to college post-high school.

High School Credit & College Credits awarded at same time:

Various colleges weight their credits differently, often 3 to 5 credits per class. , Washington state weights high school credit on a simpler 1 credit-per-year basis. By attending your CiHS course here at OHS, rest assured, your state high school credit requirement in that subject area is completed alongside the credits the partner college grants.

OHS friends, sports, clubs, classes are still at hand:

  • 99% of students taking college classes during high school also need classes at OHS on the same day. Travel time, securing transportation to an outside campus, and other problems are voided by taking college courses on the OHS campus.
  • OHS campus sports, meetings, clubs, activities, and FRIENDS are as accessible as any OHS class when your college class is on the OHS campus. In past exit interviews, students traveling to outside campuses have expressed regret in feeling disconnected to their peers and activities. With CiHS, no such regrets.