Jazz Band Audition Info

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OHS Jazz Auditions 2018-19

Hello, and thank you for your interest in performing in OHS’ Jazz Program! Below you will find information on the audition requirements for each instrument and information about the program.

Jazz Band meets during zero hour (6:45AM-7:30AM), M, W, TH, F in the OHS Band Room. Performances happen throughout the year in and around the community and at school concerts. Traditional Big Band instrumentation is observed consisting of: Saxophones (2 alto, 2 Tenor, 1 Bari)  Trombones (3-4 Tenor, 1 Bass) Trumpets (4-5) Rhythm Section (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Set, Vibes)

In addition to auditioning, each student must typically be enrolled in one of the core music ensembles at OHS (Band, Choir, Orchestra.) Depending on the amount of interest in Jazz, a second Jazz Band may be added that will be scheduled separately based on student and teacher availability.

Auditions will be held September 24th - 26rd, during zero hour, by sign-up, in the OHS Band room. Please see the Band Room bulletin board for the sign up sheet.

Audition Requirements:



    Horn Section:

    Learn and perform both Cold Duck Time and Doxy.

    One chorus of improvised solo on either tune, players’ selection

  • Bass Players:

    • Learn each printed bass line. Advanced players may also demonstrate original lines and walking.

  • Set Players:

    • Be ready to play and accompany each tune at performance tempo, in addition to demonstrating each groove printed in the packet (swing, latin, funk, waltz) at various tempi.

  • Piano Players:

    • Learn each tune in the right hand. Be ready to rhythmically comp using the printed voicings in the packet. Advanced players may also demonstrate a combination of both, in addition to more interesting voicings.

  • Guitar Players:

    • Learn each head, same rules/requirements as horn section. Be ready to comp each chord change using the printed voicings.

General Tips:

  • Make sure you’re practicing/preparing the correct transposition/part (C, Bb, Eb, Bass Clef.)

  • Listen to the tunes. You can’t learn jazz via a book alone, period. Imitation is necessary and that means listening. YouTube has tons of these tunes played at all different levels. Explore.

  • For soloing: If you’re not comfortable, keep it simple. We simply want to hear where you’re at. If you’re new to improvisation, you’re in the right place! It’s our job to teach you how to be better at it. Write down some ideas, develop them, and show us what you can do. What is scary at first becomes second nature over time.

  • Rhythm Section: Time, time, time, rhythm, and time. A musician is known by the time that they keep.