OlyWay Tickets

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OlyWay Winners!


5 ticket winners will be drawn once a week, usually on Fridays. Winning tickets may used for one of the following and will be collected at time of use:

  • 1 drink from Cafe Oly
  • 1 slice of pizza from the student store (or other designated prize at the time)
  • 1 free small cheese pizza card from Domino’s (see Mr. Gerrits or secretaries in main office, while supplies last)
  • Beat the lunch or snack line! You and one friend (form that class only) may leave class 3 minutes early to get to the front of the line.
  • Permission to have food delivered to front of school for lunch (give ticket to receptionist when food is delivered)
  • Ask your teacher if they incentives for their class! They might offer: late work pass, 2nd chance assignment opportunity, make up day in PE, etc.


These will go to the 4 highest ticket earners at the end of each semester. A package would include a collection of some of the following (time of year would impact which things):

  • Gift cards
  • Shirt or other Oly gear
  • Homecoming or Prom ticket vouchers
  • Year Book voucher
  • Donuts delivered to a class of your choice
  • Lunch with a staff member and friend of your choice
  • Pizza delivered for you and friends of your choice at lunch
  • 5 validated Olyway Tickets to use as they choose