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Click the link above for a list of End of Year Important Senior Dates



Senior Meeting - March 17

Slides from Meeting


Senior Exit Interview Instructional Slides 

Exit Interview Instructions

Exit Interview Rubric 

Wednesday, March 22nd Exit Interview Times

May Interviews - excused conflict 

Exclusive Program Students - interview date/time TBA

RS Students passing CCS101 & CCS102 (WAIVED - NO INTERVIEW REQUIRED) 

NO WALK LIST - not scheduled

Senior Meeting - Jan 20th

Slides from Meeting


Senior Meeting - Oct 28th

Jostens ~ Senior Grad Night Party Information ~ Senior Class Fundraiser ~ Senior Events 2022-23

Jostens Graduation Information - Jostens flyer for letter jackets & class rings 

Link to >>> SENIOR TIMELINE Class of 2023

Financial Aid 101 Resources & Presentation to Senior Social Studies Classes - Nov 2022

Link to >> CCRC newsletter published around the 15th of each month

Be sure to look through the whole newsletter to see what applies to you and please make sure to keep your Skyward contact information up-to-date.  Most information is for SENIORS in the newsletter. 



Senior Check-in Links


Majority of information shared with seniors is done through senior social studies classes or if you are NMSC or RUNNING START, it would be during your assigned HOMEROOM presentations or you will have to meet with your A-Z alpha counselor.

Running Start > Please check in with Mr. Bonaldo EVERY Wednesday he hosts a check in for Running Start students.  10:35am   Zoom at:  Meeting ID: 889 8206 2019


Freedom Farm students without Senior Social Students at OHS campus will have a special session on site at the Farm

These informative LARGE GROUP presentations are VERY IMPORTANT to provide you added support & direction during senior year.  We DO NOT HAVE TIME to provide every senior an individualized personal re-cap of what was missed, we are working with over 2,100 students this year grades 9-12. Replies to your questions that were answered during these sessions will NOT be prioritized to respond to.  PLEASE make every effort to attend these presentations or find a peer to share the information you may have missed.  

2022-23 Seniors Timely Task: 


Review Scholarship Opportunities for 2023

LINK >> Click HERE Opening in a new windowfor the Naviance Scholarship Reference Guide.


Create a list of post secondary schools/programs you are planning to apply to. 

LINK>> Simplified Planning Chart

LINK>> Checklist 

LINK>> Tracking Chart 



2023 Survey: Brag Sheet - For Recommendation Letters

LINK>>  How to Access

This information will be accessed by your teachers & counselors to write recommendation letters for post high school applications - Letters of Recommendation can be used for employment, college, scholarships and internships.  


OHS Financial Aid Events 2022-2023

*both STUDENTS & PARENTS are asked to attend these events together!

Financial Aid Information Night - Sept 21st 530-600pm in the OHS Library before Open House 

Financial Aid Completion Event - Oct 5th ) 

  • Two Sessions: 6-7pm or 7-8pm 
  • Pre-registration starts Sept 21st
  • Limited Seating 
  • Support Provided by local FAFSA & Financial Aid Representatives 
  • Complete your FAFSA & get all of your questions answered


To be involved in the group or to submit your ideas for the senior graduation party or fundraising suggestions, email us at [email protected].

The senior graduation party is a large expense so any and all help is appreciated! 

Follow the Parent Facebook page for information: 

Olympia High School Parent/Guardians of Class 23’


  • *adding schools, updating your journal, requesting recommendations & transcripts


Seniors must utilize Naviance for publishing their post high school plan & sending any student documents through eDocs system.


You MUST use Naviance to request the following items:

  • Counselor Evaluations
  • Counselor Recommendations
  • Transcripts (initial, mid year & final) 
  • Teacher Evaluations
  • Teacher/Staff Letters of Recommendation


The eDocs program provides a single organized platform for all documents.   

More information here:  Naviance Webpage 


  • Once a school/program is added to a Seniors "Im Applying To" List Counselors are AUTO-NOTIFIED and will look at the deadline the student has selected to upload these eDocs.
  • Teacher recommendations must be requested through Naviance. 
  • More information here:  Naviance Webpage 


  • Teacher Recommenders must be discussed with recommenders in ADVANCE before they are requested to SPECIFIC schools in Naviance 
  • DO NOT request recommendations to ALL APPLICATIONS! Be VERY specific in your selections. 
  • More information here:  Naviance Webpage 


  • Must have the CORRECT DEADLINE listed for every program you are applying to.  If you are unable to edit this deadline date please contact us or your counselor to change the date.       
  • INFORMATION IS SENT BY DEADLINE - if there is NO DEADLINE LISTED, information WILL NOT BE SENT!!  - review and confirm your deadlines!