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Monthly newsletter published around the 15th of each month

Be sure to look through the whole newsletter to see what applies to you and please make sure to keep your Skyward contact information up-to-date.  Most information is for SENIORS in the newsletter. 



Mark your calendar for the 22nd of each month

Topics vary for each session check the newsletter for the list of 2021-22 topics covered. 

Monday, November 22, 2021 
3:30pm - 4:30pm       Location: Library
Session 3: College Application Completion
Show up or sign up in Naviance to attend. Support on essays, application details & hints to make your application stand out from the crowd!  General Q&A session. 
Session 4: Tuesday March 22nd time TBD - Employment - Get Hired! 

Session 5: Friday April 22nd time TBD - Apprenticeships


September 22, 2021

Financial Aid Information Night at 4:30pm via Zoom

Presented by Christina Winstead, WSAC

Click here for 9/22 Zoom Recording

Click here for: Resources Shared at Event



To be involved in the group or to submit your ideas for the senior graduation party or fundraising suggestions, email us at


The senior graduation party is a large expense so any and all help is appreciated! 

Follow the Parent Facebook page for information: Search: 2022 OHS Senior Parents 





Seniors must utilize Naviance for publishing their post high school plan. Listing schools/programs Senior is applying to for post high school. (military, 2 year, 4 year, pre-apprenticeship)


You MUST use Naviance to request the following items:

  • Transcripts
  • Letters of Recommendation


These materials are submitted as e-Docs through Naviance.  This program provides a single organized platform for all student applications, teachers and transcript requests for ANY post high school programs.   More information here:  Naviance Webpage 


  • Once a school/program is added to a Seniors "Im Applying To" List Counselors are AUTO-NOTIFIED and will look at the deadline they have set by the senior to upload REQUIRED information to be sent to the school/program on your behalf. 



  • Must have the CORRECT DEADLINE listed for every program you are applying to. 
    • INFORMATION IS SENT PRIOR TO DEADLINE - if there is NO DEADLINE LISTED, information WILL NOT BE SENT!!  - review and confirm your deadlines!