When to Keep Your Child Home

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The following symptoms may suggest a communicable disease. Children who have the following symptoms should be kept home from school until a doctor has seen them, they no longer have symptoms indicating a communicable disease or they have received treatment for at least 24 hours for certain diseases.



Oral temperature 100 degrees F. or higher. If fever accompanied by a sore throat, strep throat may be ruled out with a throat culture at your doctors. If your child has strep throat they may return to school no sooner than 24 hrs after treatment has started or later if they are not well enough to return to a normal school day. If high fever accompanied by a very stiff neck or undiagnosed rash also check with your doctor.


Respiratory Symptoms 

Severe coughing continuing over 3 days, can’t sleep or lie down because of continuous coughing, or a high-pitched whooping sound when coughing, or vomiting with coughing. These symptoms may indicate Whooping Cough. A doctors visit and a culture is required to confirm the diagnosis and the child may not return to school till a full course of treatment is completed.


Vomiting And Diarrhea

Two or more episodes in the past 24 hours or a child who is experiencing headaches, fever or chill with one episode. Stay home until symptoms are absent for 24 hrs.


Skin Problems

Rashes and infected sores: Need to be checked out and diagnosed and treated by a doctor. Many skin rashes are very contagious (impetigo, scabies, chickenpox, rash may indicate Fifths Disease or Hand and Mouth disease). Student once diagnosed needs to be free of rash. In the case of impetigo they need to receive treatment for 24 hrs and they can return to school.  (Preferably with scabbed over sores covered with clothes or band- aids).



Pink eye, or conjunctivitis appears as a pinkish sclera (white of the eye), usually itchy and painful. Crust may form on the eye- lids during the night. A visit to the doctor is needed to confirm pink eye and treatment for 24hours prior to student returning to school.



Once lice or nits are found on a student, the student needs to be treated for lice, prior to returning to school. Please let school nurse know if you find lice on your student at home, we will go through the steps with you to eradicate the problem. 


If you have any questions about the above please contact:

Janene Jorgenson, R.N., School Nurse
Kim Phillips, Health Room Assistant
Phone: (360) 596-7008
FAX: (360) 596-7001