Clubs at OHS:

On Fridays during "Bear Time" there are a wealth of student clubs that meet between 2nd & 3rd Periods.

A few meet on Wednesday morning before late-start, and others have their own special meeting times due to the special nature of their club activities.

If your club wishes to create a fundraiser, please complete this form and return to the ASB office.

Establishing a Club:

To start a club, talk to a teacher or staff member about being your adviser and complete the Establishing a Club form. Return the form to room 504 with your club constitution (here is an example constitution). You will be notified within a week if your club has been approved.

Questions? Contact Kristin Costello at

All clubs have a constitution or rules of order to run by. To see what these are like, here is a sample: Sample Constitution.docx.accessibility

Here is a list of current clubs:
List & Places for Student Clubs

Though updated Spring 2018, most of these clubs are have been and will be present for years.