Attendance/Discipline Policy

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Attendance Disciplinary Actions

OHS has a progressive attendance procedure for all students. It is a four-step process that includes:

Automated phone calls go home every evening for unexcused absences.


  • Step 1 - 4 unexcused periods - The attendance office makes personal phone calls home.
  • Step 2 – 7 unexcused periods - One day of lunch detention is assigned. One of the student's teachers contacts parent or guardian.
  • Step 3 – 13 unexcused periods - Lunch detention assigned for current truancy and for all future truancies.  Letter sent home notifying of Step 3.
  • Step 4 – 26 unexcused periods or 5 half days of unexcused absence – Conference with student and parent, contract signed, 1st notification of possible Becca Bill procedures.
  • Students who show an excessive amount of excused absences may be required to obtain a Doctor’s note for any future absences due to illness.


Becca Bill:  We follow the truancy guidelines as required by the State of Washington. A petition can be filed with juvenile court alleging a violation of RCW 28A.225.010 (the Becca Bill)