Katie Jahner

What is pottery? 

Hello there! And welcome to the wonderful world of clay! My name is Katie Jahner and I am glad you are here.  Pottery class may only be one year for some of you, but it has been tens of thousands of years in the making! Your presence in this studio connects you to makers across the globe and  through time with anyone who has  ever touched a lump of clay. In pottery, we explore everything clay related through a variety of traditional and new techniques including (but not limited to) pinching, slab building, throwing, glazing, firing, and so much more. We also explore professions in the ceramics industry and learn what it takes to ‘make it’ as a studio artist. As a Career and Technical Education Class (CTE) class, workplace skills such as creative problem solving, careers in art, entrepreneurship, and appropriate workplace behavior and safety are also emphasized. 


My goal in this class is not only to help you grow and improve as artists and potters, it is to learn with you, from you, and about you. Welcome to ceramics!!