Safety Procedures

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Safety Procedures for Lockdown & Evacuations


This page is to inform you of safety protocols and procedures. Please don’t be alarmed. This is simply informational. Here are a few of the situational drills that we will participate in throughout the course of the school year. They are meant to prepare staff, students and administrators for the event of a real emergency. We want you to know what we will do in each scenario:


Summary of OHS Safety Procedures

  • Fire Drill/Alarm - Student and staff exit the building to the Olympia School District stadium and assemble with their current classroom teacher. If the incident happens between classes, they are to assemble with their 4th period teacher. In the event of an actual emergency and we are not able to enter the building after evacuating, students will be released at stations near the stadium parking lot or from Briggs YMCA (on the corner of Yelm Hwy and Henderson Blvd) if we are not able to assemble in the stadium.
  • Shelter In Place - We will shelter in place when there is potentially a hazardous external factor such as a material spill, severe weather, outside gas leak, etc. All staff and students must stay inside. All outside doors and windows will be locked, but we may proceed as usual in our classrooms.
  • Modified Lockdown - Potential threat is outside of OHS buildings (typically police activity in the surrounding areas). All outside doors and windows will be locked and blinds closed. Classes may proceed as usual.
  • Full Lockdown - All areas will be secured. All doors inside and outside, and windows will be locked. All windows will be covered/blinds closed and lights will be off.
  • Active Threat/Shooter – All areas will be secured like in a regular Full Lockdown. There may not be time to lock outside doors if imminent threat exists. If incident occurs during regular classes, students will secure themselves inside locked classrooms; if incident happens during passing times or other non-class times, students should run to the nearest safest location (to a classroom/office that can be locked; running off campus to get away from danger, etc.). Students should not use cell phones during active threat as to not draw any attention to themselves or to others seeking safety. Students will be escorted out of building by emergency personnel after incident is over and will reunify with families at Briggs YMCA. Students who leave campus to avoid the threat should immediately call parents. 


During a live event- Parents please do not call the high school. Ringing phones will only draw attention. Communication will be done when it is safe to do so and will be done by the School District.

We want you to be informed of our procedures and what you should expect in the event of an emergency. Your high schooler’s health and well-being are our number one priority!

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact the school at any time.