Foreign Language

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Foreign Language Bubbles
Incoming 9th graders who wish to enroll in level 2 of a Foreign Language must first complete an online self-assessment. Students wishing to enroll in level 3 or above should contact department head Dawn Williams at

This survey will help you determine your readiness for level 2. Click here to access the survey.

All foreign language classes require a notebook. Your teacher will advise you as to what type of notebook she requires. If this is a financial burden, please talk to her directly. Due to a generous grant from the Olympia Education Association we can help with this.

Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Wouldn't it be great if you could...Foreign Language Collage

  • make friends from around the world?
  • talk to online buddies in their own language?
  • help someone understand directions, get medical help or find something they're looking for?
  • better understand English grammar?
  • experience another culture without ever leaving home?
  • talk with other people your own age when you do travel?
  • do better academically in all your classes?
  • OHS Foreign Language classes can help you do all this and more!


OHS Foreign Language Department’s Phenomenal Five:

We, as a department, operate on the following principles:

  • We emphasize conversation, exchange of information, the expression of feelings and emotions and the exchange of opinions.
  • We foster an appreciation and understanding of other cultures.
  • We encourage students to discover connections with their learning throughout other disciplines.
  • We facilitate the development of knowledge and understanding of the nature of language and culture.
  • We strive to help our students recognize the value of language studies to their personal, professional and social interactions.



Start talking! Click here to practice basic vocabulary in many languages! You might find that studying Spanish, Japanese, German, French or Latin is a little different than studying other subjects. Check out the links below for tips on how to study a foreign language:



Online Study Tools:


Foreign Language Staff

Anna Beraun

Spanish Teacher
(360) 596-7313

Kate Chan

Spanish Teacher
(360) 596-7246

Kim Crites

American Sign Language Teacher
(360) 464-462

Erica Kinsel

French Teacher
(360) 596-7339

Mary McNamera

Spanish Teacher
(360) 596-7301

Heather Murphy

Spanish Teacher
(360) 596-7331


Dawn Williams

German Teacher
(360) 596-7282