College in the High School

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 Logos of colleges that offer classes at OHS

What is College in the High School?

College in the High School (CiHS) is a dual-credit program that allows students to earn high school credit and college credit simultaneously while staying in high school. CiHS courses are taught by OHS instructors who meet degree requirements by the college that is awarding the credit. Students who have completed the college registration process will earn a college transcript from the college. Problems associated with travel off campus and class scheduling are gone when taking college classes at the OHS campus.


Who can take a college course at OHS?

CiHS courses are open to 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who want the challenge of a college-level course. Students should have a strong work ethic and a growth mindset based on curiosity and thinking beyond the situation. Students should be strong writers and be able to work independently.

What college courses are offered at Olympia High School?


OFTEC 170: Accounting (SPSCC)


Computer Sciences

Comp-Sci 142: Object Oriented Programming 1 (SPSCC)


ECED 100: Child Care Basics (SPSCC)


English 101 & 102: Composition and Literature (CWU)

English 105: Literary Imagination (CWU)

Foreign Languages

ASL 121: American Sign Language 1 (SPSCC)

German 123: German 3 (SPSCC)


Math 120:  Pre Calculus  (UW) 

Math 151 & 152:  Calculus 1  (SPSCC)



Biology 101: Fundamentals of Biology (CWU) 

Chemistry 110 w/lab: Intro to General Chemistry (UW) 

Environmental Science 201 & 202:  Ecosystems & Society  (CWU)


Social Studies

U.S. History I & II: U.S. History (EWU)

Political Science 210: American Politics (CWU)

Psychology 100: Introduction to Psychology (EWU)


Taking college courses on OHS campus SOLVES PROBLEMS!

  • No commute between college campus and OHS campus. 99% of students taking college classes during high school also need classes at OHS on the same day. Travel time, securing transportation to an outside campus, and other considerations are voided by taking those courses on the OHS campus.
  • Students can have difficulty scheduling desired college courses during the school day at times that do not conflict with OHS classes required for a diploma. This problem is voided by taking desired courses on the OHS campus.
  • OHS campus sports, meetings, clubs, activities, and FRIENDS are as accessible as any OHS class when your college class is on the OHS campus. In past exit interviews, students traveling to outside campuses have expressed regret in feeling disconnected to their peers and activities. With CiHS, no such regrets.
  • The college credit you earn here at OHS follows you to!


I'm interested! Show me the details!

On the next page, you can find details on the ridiculously low tuition costs, no fees, free textbooks, fulfilling your high school diploma requirements, dual AP credit, and more:

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