Dance Guest Permission Form

If you wish to bring a non-OHS student to a dance as your guest, before purchasing tickets complete the Dance Guest Form and adhere to the qualifications below:

  • All guests must be cleared in advance or they will be turned away from the dance.
  • All guests must bring a photo I.D. to the dance.
  • All guests must be under 21 years of age.
  • Students from middle schools are not able to attend.
  • If your guest has graduated or is home schooled, a copy of the guest's driver's license or ID card must be submitted with this form.


Turn your form in to Mrs. Smith in the administrative office and she will give you a clearance slip to use when purchasing dance tickets.

Homecoming Dance FAQs

Homecoming is a great tradition here at Olympia High School. It is an annual formal dance that includes music, dancing, pictures, and fun! Students can attend as a couple, in a group, fly solo… ALL ARE WELCOME.

When do tickets go on sale?

Homecoming tickets can be purchased during both lunches. Tickets can also be bought at the dance: CASH or CHECK ONLY. Tickets cost $15/student (with or without ASB). Tickets can be purchased Monday-Thursday with cash, check (made out to Olympia High School), or credit (VISA or Mastercard).

What do students wear to Homecoming?

There is no required attire for the Homecoming dance, but students often dress in formal wear. Guys wear anything from a dress shirt to a tux, and girls generally wear nice dresses. Dress code still applies.

What happens at Homecoming?

Students can socialize in the commons, dance to a DJ in the gym, and take professional photos in the cafeteria. Students are expected to behave appropriately and follow all school rules. Just like other school events (games, etc), students are not allowed to re-enter the dance once they leave.

What if I want to bring a guest?

Olympia High School students are allowed to bring a date from another school if they complete a Guest Past before the dance. The form and the guest qualifications are at the top of this webpage.

What kind of music is played at Homecoming?

A local DJ will be at Homecoming, playing a variety of popular music in the gymnasium. There are all different forms of dancing present at Homecoming, everything from the Macarena, to the classic ‘sprinkler’, but just remember… do or do not dance, there is no grind.

What is Spirit Week?

Spirit week is a week were the students and staff dress up in support of Homecoming theme.  The Spirit Days that follow may be new or from last year; check our daily bulletin to be sure:

Rainy Sunday... On A Monday - PJ Day
Plaid Tuesday - PNW Day
Capitol City Marathon - Sports/Athletic Wear
Toga/Bear Wear – Seniors wear Toga’s (reminder to students, dress code still applies! No bare shoulders/midriffs/etc!), everyone else wears their Bear Wear!