OHS Staff Resources

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The following links are only available to OHS Staff.

OHS Staff must be signed-in to OSD Staff Google Account

 to access the links below.

(No public access will be granted; emailed requests for access will be ignored)


Restorative / Discipline Referral Form

Restorative Referral Form Training Video


Staff sign-out / sign-in sheet --When you leave the building during lunch/prep, you need to sign out so in an emergency, we're not unnecessarily risking lives looking for you.


ADMIN & Counseling Phone Extensions  --Got an emergency (that is not for 911)? This link has our office extensions, Dean of Students, Security, Restorative, and Counseling.


Building Phone Extensions for Entire OHS Staff --Phone numbers here are for the ROOM PHONES where most staff are located this year.


Bob Bach's Awesome Attendance Tools for Teachers --Your part in helping with Truancy Mgmt, Sample email outreaches for Tardies & Absences, and good info about OHS/OSD consequences for Absences.


OHS STAFF LOCATOR --where each teacher is normally assigned to be each period of the day.


OHS MASTER SCHEDULE --Who is teaching what, and when are they teaching?


Daily Announcement Video Submissions --here is where you can submit your short video to add to the morning announcements. 


Student Classroom Sign-out Sheet --for teachers to print for their use.


ONLINE BATHROOM PASS by Dallas Myers --If you would like to have your students use an online form instead of a paper sign-out sheet, you could copy Dallas's form (here), post it for your class, and even create a QR code for quick student access.


Bear Time Teacher-Entry Grid --here is where you type in what is available in your room during Bear Time.


2023-2024 OHS Staff Handbook


Letters of Recommendation (Naviance) --informational video for teachers using Naviance


Open Room Sign-up --Need to use an unused classroom? Sign up here for the date and time you want. If you don't, then the teacher that did sign up will need to kick you out.