College, Career & Military Visits

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The OHS College & Career Readiness Center believes in providing our students with opportunities to learn about ALL post-secondary education/training options: College (Four and Two Year), Military, Apprenticeship/Internships, Career Technical Training, and Vocational. To do this, we invite representatives into OHS to present their information to interested students. Families can access the CCRC calendar in order to see what representatives will be visiting campus.


College Representatives

During the fall, many colleges send representatives from their admissions offices to OHS to talk with interested students. These meetings offer the opportunity for you to meet with someone who has the answers to all your questions about a specific school. Schools pay attention to which students attend their presentation, so it's always a good idea to come meet the representative if you can. Parents are always welcome to attend these visits too.

Register and see the full list of college reps on your Naviance account.


Military Representatives

As with the college representatives, we have recruiters from every branch of the military visiting OHS. They are usually set up in the Commons during both lunches. Be sure to check out their table and challenge them to a push-up contest.Students: Please do not feel pressured to give out your contact information if you are uncomfortable doing so. Local recruiter information is available in the College & Career Readiness Center.


Career Representatives

Career representatives from apprenticeships, internships, skilled trades, and more will be visiting OHS throughout the year to present information to interested students. Most of these representatives will be set-up in the Commons during both lunches. Be sure to check out their table for more information on what could be your next career.


Informative Articles and Information:
10 Things Parents Think They Know About Work in the Skilled Trades (But Are Mostly Wrong)


*COLLEGE VISITORS: The OHS College and Career Readiness Center uses Counselor Community/Rep Visits to schedule all of our college visits. Please visit that website to see our availability. All others please contact Bridget Culley at [email protected] to schedule.