High School & Beyond Plan

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The High School and Beyond Plan  

The High School and Beyond Plan is the culmination of a four-year process that helps all students think about their future and how to get the most out of high school, so that they’re ready to pursue their adult lives, no matter what direction they plan to take.  Students write their first plan in 9th grade and then continue to revise it throughout high school to accommodate changing interests or goals.

The High School and Beyond Plan will expand as each class is able to complete more of Olympia High School's career and college readiness curriculum.  Students will have 3-4 lessons per year during which they will work with counseling staff to complete the High School and Beyond Plan components, and increase their career and college readiness.  Lessons will revolve around three questions: 1) Who am I?  2) What, then, can I become? 3) How do I become that?

The Career Cruising website (www.careercruising.com) provides students with access to a comprehensive career and college readiness program that will help them learn about potential careers that match their interests, skills, lifestyle interests, values and learning styles.  With that information in hand, students will also be able to determine the type of training or education that is needed after high school to prepare for their career(s) of interest.  Students can then adjust their class choices each year to fit with their goals.  The website also enables students to research colleges, explore financial aid options build a resume and learn about in-demand career fields, among other features.

The High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) itself will represent the culmination of what students learn in their Career Cruising lessons, and will be discussed annually with parents during Student Parent Conferences in the Spring.  In the senior year, the students' HSBP will be due on February 28th and will be evaluated by the Career Counselor or Career Specialist to determine if they meet each student's HSBP graduation requirement.  Those who do not meet standard will be contacted to make adjustments until standard is met.

For each graduating class, minimum requirements for their High School and Beyond Plan can be found on each student's Career Cruising Portfolio "My Plan" homepage:  to see an itemized list, click on the “My Progress” link next to the progress bar graphic.  When all requirements have been met the bar indicator will read “93% standard met” since the last item ~ the Annual Review ~ must be completed by Career Center staff. Once the Annual Review is complete in early March, students who are done will show 100% on their progress bar indicator. 

Note: The login and password format is as follows:

LOGIN = ohs-normal login  (NO SPACES ~ EX: ohs-reykdalke)

PASSWORD = student's normal lunch/ID number (possibly with a 0 in front if his/her number if it is only 6 digits)


Resume Writing Resources:

Stop in the Career Center for more support.

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CLASS OF 2020 Lesson Plans

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Student Parent Conference Resources

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