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On Fridays during "Bear Time" there are a wealth of student clubs that meet between 2nd & 3rd Periods.

A few meet on Wednesday morning before late-start, and others have their own special meeting times due to the special nature of their club activities.

If your club wishes to create a fundraiser, please complete this form and return to the ASB office.



Establishing a Club:


To start a club, talk to a teacher or staff member about being your adviser and complete the Establishing a Club form. Return the form to room 504 with your club constitution (here is an example constitution). You will be notified within a week if your club has been approved.

Questions? Contact Kristin Costello at kcostello@osd.wednet.edu



Our most up-to-date list of student clubs are as follows:

ACLU mschaefer@osd.wednet.edu    
Academic Decathalon bkabat@osd.wednet.edu    
African American Alliance abrock@osd.wednet.edu   Every other week during Beartime A
Art   303 Every Friday during Beartime A and B time
ASL kcrites@osd.wednet.edu    
Bear Activities Managment manchors@osd.wednet.edu    
Bear Crew 2 msheridan@osd.wednet.edu 104 Once a month during Beartime A
Book Review dkoss@osd.wednet.edu Library Once a month during Beartime A
Dance egarrison@osd.wednet.edu Aux Gym Beartime A
DECA jfabritius@osd.wednet.edu Black Box Beartime A if no assembly, B if assembly
Do Something hmurphy@osd.wednet.edu 308 Beartime B
dotDiva jstuckey@osd.wednet.edu 203/201 Wednesday Mornings at 7:45
Drama kdorgan@osd.wednet.edu PAC Beartime A and B
Dungeons and Dragons cpate@osd.wednet.edu 114 Beartime A and B
Earth Corps ebasset@osd.wednet.edu 409 Beartime B
FBLA sfabritius@osd.wednet.edu 2 Most Fridays Beartime B
FCCLA ljensen@osd.wednet.edu    
Fellowship of Christian Athletes jstevick@osd.wednet.edu    
Feminist ctobias@osd.wednet.edu 216  
French junderwood@osd.wednet.edu 305 Every other Friday during Bear Time A
German dwilliams@osd.wednet.edu 307 When announced
Guitar cbaker@osd.wednet.edu    
Hiking bunderland@osd.wednet.edu 507 Beartime A
Japaneese aberaun@osd.wednet.edu 310 Beartime B
Key dmatthews@osd.wednet.edu   Beartime A unless there is an assembly
Knowledge Bowl mschaefer@osd.wednet.edu 508 Thursdays after School
KPop mmacnamara@osd.wednet.edu    
Latino Youth mmacnamara@osd.wednet.edu    
Literary Magazine cgilman@osd.wednet.edu 501 Beartime A
Magic The Gathering tsnodgras@osd.wednet.edu    
Model Aviation mhart@osd.wednet.edu    
National Honors Society dbryan@osd.wednet.edu 406 Need to apply
Olympia Math Group cheikkila@osd.wednet.edu 506 After School
Philosophy sviolette@osd.wednet.edu    
Pizza Klatch kdorgan@osd.wednet.edu Stage 2 Tuesdays during both lunches
Pokemon Plus lduerre@osd.wednet.edu 302 Beartime A and B
Polar Bear jstevick@osd.wednet.edu Weight Room 2:40 on Tuesdays/Thursdays
Programmers mturnbow@osd.wednet.edu 101 Beartime A
Queer Straight Alliance ctobias@osd.wednet.edu 216 Beartime B
Robotics asteinkamp@osd.wednet.edu 701 After School and Beartime B
Rotary Interact hhouge@osd.wednet.edu   Thursday mornings 7:15
Runners for Inclusion jgerrits@osd.wednet.edu    
Satire tsnodgras@osd.wednet.edu    
Science and Engineering wbeeson@osd.wednet.edu 402 Beartime A and B
Speech and Debate mschaefer@osd.wednet.edu    
Sports Medicine tshelton@osd.wednet.edu    
Stand mgrant@osd.wednet.edu 216 Wednesdays at 8:15
Yarn Based Activities hhouge@osd.wednet.edu    

  Clubs are up to date as of 5/25/17