American Literature Instructional Highlights and Homework

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Instructional Highlights and Homework 

Wednesday 09/06 

  • Attendance 
  • Distribute Syllabus and Performance Rubric 
  • Students should carefully read the above mentioned documents and come prepared with questions thereunto pertaining by tomorrow 
  • Introductory analysis and discussion on the painting "Sky Woman" 
  • Read and analyze the "Iroquois Creation Story"  

 Thursday 09/07 

  • Picture Day
  • Continue "ICS "discussion 
  •  Review question 1 and 1a. of select questions

Friday 09/08

  • Students address select questions related to "ICS"
  • Jigsaw teaching of select questions (graded) 
  • Discussion of key terms related to the analysis of the OCS (graded) 
  • Students document notes on the "ICS
  • Review of key concepts (Anthropocentrism, Anthropomorphism, Duality of Man) 

Monday 09/11

  • Lecture on Canon and Puritans (Students take notes) 
  • Begin reading "On Plymouth Plantation" by William Bradford
  • Students address select tasks in class tomorrow 

Tuesday 09/12 

  • Students complete and teach select tasks associated with Bradford reading

Wednesday 09/13 

  • Complete share out of select tasks associated with Bradford reading
  • Prepare to / Begin reading from "The Narrative of the Captivity" by Mary Rowlandson

Thursday 09/14

  • Read from "The Narrative of the Captivity" by Mary Rowlandson in class 
  • Assign students select literary analysis tasks associated with the reading
  • Once assigned. students are to complete question by answering in paragraph form and including within - 3 instances of prime direct textual evidence as support
  • Students must also be prepared to share / teach their response to an audience of three peers tomorrow (graded)

The full text of Rowlandson's work can be accessed on the Project Gutenberg webpage by typing "Narrative of the Captivity" Project Gutenberg 

Students are responsible for recording their given question before departure from class 

Please have paragraph and lesson planned prior to arrival in class tomorrow

Friday 09/15 

  • Students share out lessons and submit paragraph for grading 
  • Read pages 3-12 in primary text and take notes with remaining time
  • No mandated weekend homework for students

Monday 09/18 

  • Present the 1o steps for the explication of poetry 
  • Distribute the hangout for the explication of poetry 
  • Read aloud the Anne Bradstreet Poem "Here Follow Some Verses...1666"
  • Discuss central meaning and tone 
  • Students finish by applying steps 5-9 

Tuesday 09/19 

  • Continue explication of poem 
  • Prepare for typing of Statement of Explication tomorrow

Wednesday 09/20 

  • Statements of Explication due today 
  • Split the day between reading Jonathon Edwards Sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God and studying for the Final Unit Exam

Thursday 09/21 

  • Split the day between reading Jonathon Edwards Sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God and studying for the Final Unit Exam

Friday 09/22 

  • Students on select questions related to their reading and analysis of "Sinner in the Hands of an Angry God"

1. What is Edwards Thesis? 

2. What rhetorical and/or literary techniques does Edwards use to support his ultimate message? (e.g. Pathos, Imagery, Extended Metaphors, Analogy...)

3. Define the Terms: "Natural Men" and "Unregenerate"  

  • Discuss and share out responses
  • Unit 1 Quiz Monday 09/25  (Native American - Puritans) 

Monday 09/25

  • Unit 1 Quiz
  • When finished students should read pages 13-18 + 84 in orange text 
  • Take notes on bolded terms and read Franklin Biographical information 

Tuesday 09/26 

  • Complete item analysis of quiz questions / pass back graded quizzes 
  • Begin Lecture on Rationalism and Deism (The Age of Reason) Students take notes 
  • Students should prepare for Unit 1 Exam Tomorrow

Wednesday 09/27 

  • Unit 1 Exam 
  • Students read from The Autobiography once finished with exam (pages 86-94) 

Thursday 09/28 

  • Discussion on Franklin's section Arriving at Moral Perfection 
  • Read and discuss Sayings of Poor Richard 95  
  • Students give examples based on assignment and create their own saying 

Friday 09/29 

  • Analyze painting on page 87 (Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky)
  • Students write an analytical statement on painting (chose key examples to read aloud)
  • Turn in for a grade 

Monday 10/02  

  • Complete written analysis of Franklin painting
  • Select student groups share out final product  

Tuesday 10/03 

  • Distribute My Perspectives Text / Label / and begin reading from the Declaration of Independence 
  • Complete the Comprehension Check questions 1-4 on page 23 

Wednesday 10/04 - Thursday 10/05 

  • Continue select task associated with the study and analysis of the Declaration of Independence 
  • Complete the Analyze the text questions 1-4 on page 24 and the reading and questions on page 25 
  • No homework if daily work is up-to-date

Friday 10/06

  • Analyze select political images from MP text pages 53-58 in student selected small groups
  • Complete the organizer on 57 as well as the Analyze the Media questions 1-4 on page 58 
  • Student share out select image analysis in front of class 
  • Student groups design and create their own political or social image (should take a stance on a modern political or social issue at the world, national, or local level). 
  • Share out of student work on Monday 10/09

Monday 10/09 

  • Provide student with 10 minutes to put the finishing touches on their political cartoon 
  • Students share out select PC in front of class (grade on performance) 
  • Read the Preamble of the Constitution / Bill of Rights in class 31-33 in MP Text 
  • Students complete as homework if needed 

Tuesday 10/10 

  • Students chose small groups to discuss Comprehension questions 1-4 on page 33 
  • Complete analyze the text questions 1-4 on page 34 in the same small group 
  • Choose select student groups for in class / large group share out (graded on observation of completion and quick check method) 

Wednesday 10/11 

  • Read from The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano pages 92-96 (20 minutes) 
  • Discuss Comprehension questions 1-5 in a small group 
  • Prepare for mid-unit quiz on The Enlightenment Through Equiano on  Monday 10/16 upon return 
  • Prepare notes to address the following question: How are Enlightenment Ideologies manifested within the works that we have collectively studied thus far? 

Thursday 10/11 

  • Mrs. Boelts career counseling session in the classroom this period 

Friday 10/12 

  • No School Teacher (Teacher Inservice) 
  • Students should review  material from all lectures and reading associated with the Enlightenment period for quiz Monday
  • No weekend homework required

Monday 10/16 

  • Mid-Unit Quiz (The Enlightenment) 
  • Once finished students address the following  question in writing: How are Enlightenment Ideologies manifested within the works that we have collectively studied thus far? 
  • Students will have access to the orange textbooks and their MP texts upon completion of the quiz so that they may access direct textual support to include within their written response. All responses should include commentary on multiple sources and include direct textual evidence. Responses  are limited to one page in length. 

Tuesday 10/17 

  • Pass back written and MC portions of Enlightenment Quiz 
  • Review for Unit Exam tomorrow 

Wednesday 10/18 - Wednesday 10/25

  • Website transitional period (please excuse lack of access and published material) 

Thursday 10/26

  • Collect statements of explication on Thanatopisis  
  • Unveil Essay Prompt for consideration: Is the rejection of societal standards a necessity of individuality? 
  • Read from "Nature" by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Students assigned select analytical tasks in small groups in order to prepare for jigsaw lesson tomorrow  

Friday 10/27

  • Jigsaw teaching of "Nature"
  • Students will be graded on their ability to enrich the understanding of their peers on a specific aspect of the essay excerpt 

Monday 10/30 

  • Students read from pages 206-214 - Transcendentalism (take notes) 
  • Students read from "Self Reliance" by Emerson on page 225 (take notes)
  • In addition, students should locate and document 1 key quote from "Self- Reliance" and document it in their notebook. This transcription should be followed with an analytical paragraph wherein the student summarizes the key idea established within the quote and comments upon  its

Tuesday 10/31

  • Review select tasks on "Self Reliance"
  • Discuss common discrepancies in writing "Thanatopsis" SoE (students take notes)
  • Pass back student SoEs 

Wednesday 11/01 - Thursday 11/02

  • Read and analyze "Walden or Life in the Woods"
  • Jigsaw select questions 
  • Lecture on the parable of the insect 

Friday 11/03 - Monday 11/06 

  • Students complete quiz on Romantics - Transcendentalists (note that the same information on this quiz will appear on the final exam) 
  • Begin Transcendentalist Essay Prep 
  • Distribute rubric and explain criteria and expectations 

Tuesday 11/07 - Thursday 11/09 

  • Begin writing of essay in class 
  • Essays due for submission to by Friday 11/10 before Midnight 


Monday 11/13

  • Model access to Pearson Realize online curriculum portal ( 
  • Access the Dark Romanticist short story "Young Goodman Brown"
  • Students read or listen to as homework / Prepare for guided discussion in class Tuesday 


Tuesday 11/14 

  • Discuss "Young Goodman Brown"
  • Review for Unit Exam on Romantics / Transcendentalists tomorrow
  • Students are encouraged to study notes from reading and lecture as homework 


Wednesday 11/15 

  • Transcendentalist / Romantics Unit Exam 
  • Distribute PTI discussion prompts 
  • Students review the statements and  questions and prepare to participate in a graded discussion Thursday 11/16 


Thursday 11/16

  • Begin graded discussion based on select prompts  


Friday 11/17 

  • Distribute the novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part -Time Indian 
  • Begin reading the novel in class 
  • Continue as SSR

Monday 11/20

  • Students read pages 1-31 in Part-Time Indian 
  • Choose a key quote or cartoon image from the assigned reading and document it. 
  • Be prepared to elaborate on the significance of the selection in class tomorrow 


Monday 11/27

  • Quiz on discussion on PTI 36-47
  • Students read pages 45 -113 by Thursday 11/30
  • Argumentative essay resubmission to due tonight before midnight

Tuesday 11/28

Reading and explication of the poem “The Pow-wow at the End of the World”
Wednesday 11/29

  • Students are provided with computer cart to begin typing formal SoE
  • Typed SoE due for submission on Friday 12/01

Thursday 11/30

  • Literary discussion on reading 45-113
  • Discuss emerging themes / brainstorm (students take notes)
  • Students take note and establish a research theme by Monday 12/04

Friday 12/01

  • Pow-wow SoE due at the beginning of the class period
  • SSR Day
  • Complete the book by Monday 12/11

Monday 12/04

  • Read and discuss article one
  • Distribute sample abstract and discuss the typing of the abstract and student research

Tuesday 12/05 - Library 

  • Students report directly to the library today to receive research instruction from Ms. Udo

Wednesday 12/06 (Portable 7)  – Thursday 12/07 (Library) 

  •  Student locate and annotate 3 articles on a theme or concept that enriches their understanding of our novel PTI or the poem "Pow-Wow"
  • Be prepared to participate in an interview with Mr. Bach or Ms. Udo on Friday 12/08 that evidences your location, reading, and annotations of the 3 articles. 
  • Once approved students may begin creating MLA citation and abstracts as per articulated specifications (Due for grading Monday 12/11)

Friday 12/08 (Library) 

  • Article interviews (Performance Graded / 3 Points) 

Monday 12/11 (Classroom) 

  • Students submit typed final copies of citation and abstracts to Schoology by 3 PM Today 
  • Final discussion on PTI (Quiz)
  • Allocation of discussion questions for jigsaw
  • Begin preparing a response for jigsaw teaching (tomorrow)
  • Explain the process for designing a research question 

Tuesday 12/12 (Classroom)

  • Students complete jigsaw 
  • Research question due tomorrow 

Wednesday 12/13 (Classroom)
Meet with students to discuss research question 
Students address evidence that supports their evidence 

Thursday 12/14 (Classroom) 

Explain the requirements for graded discussion on Schoology  

Friday 12/15 (Classroom) 

Students  participate in graded discussion on PTI (Schoology)