Helpful Resources

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US Department of Energy -- renewable resources

Earth viewer (history of earth, CO2 levels, O2 levels, etc.)

Car crash, Newton's Laws, friction, etc. from insurance investigation

Chemistry music videos

Ionic and covalent naming video

Newton's Laws of Motion

Neat online periodic table with pictures and descriptions of each element

Online periodic table

This link has great simulations which can help you understand sound, light, and wave properties.

Science games and vocab review at

Seabreeze animation

Online periodic table

Gas discharge emission spectra

More info on the death of stars

Molar mass calculations help

Help with stoichiometry and balancing equations

Common Polyatomic ions

Interactive periodic table online

Chemistry concepts and terms pdf file

Transcription and translation of DNA video

Website used in class to demonstrate electromagnetism through virtual experiments with magnets and coiled wire

AC/DC current explanation

Interactive website explaining simple machines that will be useful for designing and explaining your mousetrap car

An interactive site for looking at Newton's Laws of Motion

The Moving Man interactive display shows corresponding position, velocity, and acceleration graphs.

Struggling with position, velocity, or acceleration vs. time graphs? This website might help explain some things, or maybe this one.

1,000,000,000 frames per second video

Ridiculous data correlations!

Scale of the Universe and Atom (cartoon version)


Science Quizzes (Many different subject matters)

Science vocabulary Hangman

Science jokes with explanations -- great!

Science quick memes

If you are struggling with conversion problems, here is a helpful concept sheet


Here is a site which has sig fig rules and examples

Science games and vocab review

Astronomy Picture of the Day


Science videos:

Chemistry music videos

100 greatest discoveries in physics with Bill Nye (44:00)

Instantaneous speed vs. average speed Newton, Usain Bolt, and Leibnitz video from Kahn Academy (9:30)

Wringing out towel in outer space (3:00)

Vortex in pool (4:00)

Renewable energy sources (26:43)

Fusion as a nuclear power generation source explained (6:00)



Chapter 4/5 jeopardy review (2074)

Chapter 12 Jeopardy review (2038)

Chapter 13 Jeopardy -- ionic naming, Lewis Structures, and electron configurations

Chapter 13 Jeopardy -- Ionic/covalent naming, chemical bonds, and organic chemistry

Ionic and Covalent Naming Jeopardy -- Ch. 13 (edit #g...)

Chapter 14 Jeopardy --  Moles, Balancing Equations, and conversions (game #1364406475 edit#4954)

"Magnets, Waves, Sound, and Light (Stevick)" (#1234)  3/15/2017

Inspirational Video Clips:

Rocky Balboa Speech (3:50)

Famous Failures (2:59)

Rick and Dick Hoyt (6:50)

Nick Vujicic (3:50)

Kid President Pep Talk (3:28)
Changing Education Paradigms (11:00)
Every five years -- master of your craft (2:30)
What if Money was no Object? (2:48)
Runner falls in 600m and wins (2:22)
The Science of Happiness -- expressing gratitude (7:00)
Employing millennials (15:00)

Fish Climbing Trees Court case on schools (5:22)

Panyee Soccer (5:00)

Affluenza (3:35)

The Joy of Giving (2:48)

Share, Care... Joy (1:55)

Perspectacles (5:20)

Why do we fall - great inspirational video (6:12)

40 Inspirational Movie Speeches in 2 Minutes (2:17)

I, Pencil -- intricacy of the seemingly mundane (5:32)

Weight Loss -- a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (4:40)
Studying Motivation (5:20)

Austin Hatch Story -- UM basketball player (16:00)

Lion and Owner reunited (2:09)

Cliff Young -- Ultamarathoner (6:00 -- skip after intro to 4:59)

Kid President pep talk to teachers and students (2:50)

Kid President 20 things we should say more often (2:30)

Your Life in Jellybeans (2:40)

Pre-school one-armed golfer (7:00)

More Cowbell (5:32)
You are not depressed (2:22)

Matt Foley -- motivational speaker -- Down by the river (5:50)

What do you want to be remembered for? (5:35)

Don't celebrate too early (2:45)

Inspirational Film Montage (2:35)

Placebo effect -- this video will hurt (6:30)

Be the hero of your own movie (1:05)

Acts of Kindness in 2012 (2:40)

Science Experiments you can do at home (2:21)
Rudy Inspirational speech from custodian (3:33)

Running Motivation -- Be great (3:08)

Life doesn't wait (3:00)

Validation (15:00)

Sports inspiration -- get out of bed and train (4:13)

Bill Gates Harvard graduation speech (5:30)

400m runner pulls hamstring in Barcelona Olympics Final (3:00)

Pursuit of Happiness, Rudy, Remember the Titans, Mr. Holland's Opus video clips (8:00)

Everybody Dies, Not Everybody Really Lives (5:20)

Solid Potato Salad Dance -- Ross Sisters (3:50)

Nike Find Your Greatness compilation (6:50)

Scientific evidence for not viewing pornography (5:00)

Unsung Hero (3:05)
Too Quick to Judge (3:21)

Sam Berns Ted Talk (living with Progeria) -- My Philosophy for a Happy Life (12:30)

The Mindset of High Achievers (10:30) -- rated #1 by many students
Employing Millenials (0:00 - 10:23)
Fight Depression (14:30)
Ronnie Goodman -- homeless runner (2:40)