Spanish 2 syllabus 2017 2018

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Español 2                                                            Sra. Murphy Rm. 308


“A different language is a different vision of life.” –Federico Fellini

Course Description

              This course is designed to continue to develop students’ Spanish language knowledge from Spanish 1 by improving reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. There will be a focus on expanding vocabulary, especially high frequency words, learning more complex structures, developing the ability to narrate past events, and most importantly gain confidence communicating in the target language. Students will deepen their appreciation and knowledge of Spanish-speaking cultures. They will also gain a better perspective on their own cultures and perspectives and examine how those inform the way in which we view others. As a way of working towards furthering their proficiency in Spanish, students will also continue to develop the necessary study skills for success in language learning.

Helpful QR codes and links

Quizlet class:  “Sra. Murphy’s Spanish 2 (2017-2018)

Remind class:  OR  text “@f874ff” to the number 81010


Required materials for everyday

~ Composition notebook (preferably 100 sheets)

~ Folder(s) to organize all handouts and work

~ Along with pencil/pen, highlighters, colored pens, and/or colored pencils are recommended

~ Headphones/ear buds

 *Students will be using class iPads and are responsible for the care and appropriate use of their assigned device during class.

Expectations for our learning community

~Be present, be prepared, be engaged! Often the practice we engage in during class cannot be replicated and is essential to your progress towards proficiency.

~Be honest in all your work. No online translators. Do the hard work; it pays off!

~Be respectful, open-minded, and kind.

~Try to speak mostly in Spanish! Take risks! If you aren’t making mistakes you aren’t working hard enough. J

~Communicate with Sra. Murphy about your questions, your progress, and class. In-person and e-mail work best.

~Expect to listen, speak, read, write, sing, dance, act, draw, cook, and more! Step out of your comfort zone and you will have more fun!

~ A positive and open attitude is essential. You must be open to exploring and discussing the products, practices, and perspectives of others’ cultures as well as you own.

~You should expect to spend about 20 minutes minimum per day practicing. This may include studying and practicing concepts from class using your interactive notebook, Quizlet, or other online tools, written work, preparing something for the next day’s class activity, or accessing multimedia resources to practice listening or speaking.

~Keep all handouts and graded work! You will be expected to reflect on your progress, set goals, and revisit previous practice.

~You will often be required to access materials online and occasionally print pdf’s and documents. Please plan accordingly and let Sra. M. know ahead of time if you anticipate needing extra support with access or technology.

Grading policies

→ Absent unexcused: All missed work earns a ‘0’ and OHS attendance policy is followed

→ Absent excused: Make up work promptly for credit. For extended absences a timeline will be established with Sra. M.

→ Sra. Murphy uses a point system instead of weighted categories and %s. A typical homework is worth 5 points, quizzes are typically 20-25 points, exams and large projects between 60-80 points.

→ In-class activities are sometimes graded but not always. Simply do your best work every day!

→ There are typically 2-3 written homework assignments per week and regular quizzes (typically one every 1-1.5 weeks) so daily practice and study is essential.

→ No retakes.

→ No extra credit.

“Pies, para qué los quiero si tengo alas para volar.” –Frida Kahlo