German 3/4

This page has general course information only.  Materials, resources and other hand-outs or assignments are given to students in class.  If you need something due to absence please just e-mail me.  

German-Third/Fourth Year Course Outline and General Information
Olympia High School, 2016-2017
Frau Williams:

I. Course Objective:
You are now in the “elite” group of advanced German students. Your goal is to reinforce
and refine the concepts and skills you have learned previously while acquiring higher
level, more sophisticated vocabulary and structures to advance your proficiency. Using
an array of audio, visual, textual and tactile materials you will continue to develop skills
in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Describing events and activities in the past
will continue to be a focus and you will also learn to express the wishful, hypothetical
and conditional. You will learn to use adjectives, cases and prepositions in expanded
ways. It is my hope that through a more intentional use of the language in class you will
become more proficient and confident in using German. To this end, you are expected
to use German in class to the extent possible and we will spend more and more time in
“der Deutschzone.” Your adherence to this expectation may be reflected in your
participation grade.

II. Materials:
You are required to keep a notebook (or section of larger binder) for this class. You will
need to keep notes, lists and charts, miscellaneous handouts and assignments.
III. Course Requirements/Grading:
Your grade will be based on a point system. Your final letter grade will be determined by
the percentage you have earned of the total possible points according to the standard
scale: (93-100% = A; 90-92% = A-; 87-89% = B+; 83-86% = B; 80-82% = B-; 77-79% =
C+; 73-76% = C; 70-72% = C-; 67-69% = D+; 60-66% = D; 0-59% = F.)
You will earn points for the following:

1. In class activities (Aktivität/Akt., Übungen/Üb.) These are listening, speaking, reading
or writing exercises we do in class for practice. Practice is not graded so these will be
on a credit/no credit basis.

2. Homework assignments (Hausaufgaben/HA) These are opportunities to demonstrate
what you can do and will be graded on accuracy.

3. Quizzes, tests, projects, etc. (Testchen, Test, Projekt/Proj, Präsentation/Präs) These
are also post-practice and will be graded.

4. Attendance/Participation (Anwesenheit/AW, Mitarbeit/MA) You will earn 5 points per
week for attendance and effort in participating in class activities and using German.
Please do not underestimate the impact (positive or negative) this can have on your
grade! In assigning you points I will consider attentiveness, preparedness and
participation. Distracted or distracting behavior will negatively impact this grade. I will
enter this grade every two weeks so you can monitor it and make changes when you
feel it is necessary. Make-up work from legitimate absences will be accepted if done
within the time allotted by school policy. Otherwise late work is not accepted , and under
no circumstance is work accepted if you were in class when it was done and you simply
chose not to do it! Under extenuating circumstances I will work with you, but
everything must completed within each 6-week grading period . Our weekly
schedule including daily work and assignments is recorded on the whiteboard and will
be verbally assigned by me. A list of our learning goals can be found on my webpage
and you will also receive a copy to keep in your notebook. However, I have a
constructivist teaching style and therefore do not map out a daily schedule for the entire
semester or year. I plan a weekly schedule that is subject to adjustment according to
student interest and need.

IV. Your rights and responsibilities in this classroom:
You have the right to be treated with respect and consideration at all times. And,
therefore, you have the responsibility to treat others with respect and consideration at all
You have the right to learn. And, therefore, you have the responsibility to refrain from
interfering with anyone else’s right to learn and the teacher’s ability to teach. You also
have the responsibility to follow Olympia High School Rules, which are designed for the
safety and comfort of all students, faculty and staff.
You have the right to give constructive feedback regarding the instruction you
are receiving, to ask appropriate questions and to ask for additional help. And,
therefore, you have the responsibility to play an active role in your learning. This
includes maintaining good attendance, completing all required work and being fully
focused on each lesson and activity. Cell phones are a distraction! Please turn them off
and put them away during class. Taking an active role in your learning also involves
keeping track of your own progress and making arrangements for extra help when you
need it. You can access your up to date grade on Family/Student access.
Remember: Your rights end where the next person’s begin!