AVID Assignment List:


See Schoology for Daily Assignments

Fri Nov 2: Family Circle, Finish Survey
Thurs Nov 1: Tutorial
Wed Oct 31: Work Day Wednesday
Tues Oct 30: Tutorial
Mon Oct 29:  Binder Check, Strengths Survey (link on Schoology)

Fri Oct 26: St. Martin's Guests
Thurs Oct 25: Tutorial Reflection
Wed Oct 24: Guest Speaker: Work Day if time
Tues Oct 23: Tutorial
Mon Oct 22: Binder Check, Grade Check (family signature on it Due Wednesday)

Fri Oct 19: Guest Speaker: Mr. Whitmire
Thurs Oct 18: Tutorial
Wed Oct 17: Work Day Wednesday
Tues Oct 16: Tutorial
Mon Oct 15: Binder Check (5 notes/ 2LL); Finish New Article Project

Fri Oct 12: No School
Thurs Oct 11: Family Circle, HIghs/Lows, Team Builder
Wed Oct 10: Work Day Wednesday
Tues Oct 9: Tutorial
Mon Oct 8: Binder Check (5 notes, 2 LL), 

Fri Oct 5: Family Circle, Highs/Lows, Vibes, 2 Truths and 1 Lie
Thurs Oct 4: Tutorial
Wed Oct 3: Work Day Wednesday
Tues Oct 2: Tutorial
Mon Oct 1: Binder Check/ Grade Check/ SAT Math Practice

Fri Sept 28: Family Circle, Highs/Lows, 
Thurs Sept 27: Tutorial
Wed Sept 26: Work Day
Tues Sept 25: Tutorial
Mon Sept 24: Binder Check/ Adding SAT Vocab/ TRF

Fri Sept 21: Family Circle, highs/lows, Blanket Name Game
Thurs Sept 20: Tutorial Review, Fill out TRF, Group Tutorial
Wed Sept 19: AVID 10 in Review; Work Day
Tues Sept 18: Philosophical Chairs (cell phones)
Mon Sept 17: First binder check! (5 notes, planner filled out, binder organized)

Fri Sept 14 HW: Family Circle, highs/lows, Team builder
Thurs Sept 13 HW: Note-taking refresher, Practice Mind Map and Two Column with TedTalk
Wed Sept 12 HW: Finish Social Contract/ Start Discussion about Types of Note-taking
Tues Sept 11 HW: Brainstorm Long and Short term goals/ Make Social Contract for AVID Class
Mon Sept 10 HW: Planner expectations and updates (no homework, finish Study Buddies and AVID Contract)

Fri Sept 7 HW: Continue 
setting up binder if needed/ Find study buddies for each class (due Tuesday next week)

Thurs Sept 6 HW: Have family sign AVID Contract (please turn in by Tuesday next week)

Wed Sept 5 HW:  Welcomes/ Introductions