Algebra 1

Algebra 1 Assignment List

See Schoology for Daily Assignments
Fri Oct 26 HW: 5.3 Practice (whiteboards)
Thurs Oct 25 HW: 5.3 Handout (Due tomorrow)
Wed Oct 24 HW: 5.3 Notes (slope intercept form)
Tues Oct 23 HW: Practice graphing with points and slopes whiteboards (finish 5.1 Handout, will check answers tomorrow)
Mon Oct 22 HW: Quiz; 5.1 Slope Investigation Handout, finish and will check answer tomorrow in class
Fri Oct 19 HW: Connecting Graphs with Stories Handout (Quiz on Chapter 4 tomorrow 4.1, 4.3, 4.6)
Thurs Oct 18 HW: 4.6 Functions/ Function Notation Practice IXL (Q1, Q2, Q4, Q7)
Wed Oct 17 HW: 4.6 Intro to Functions and Function Notation (whiteboards)
Tues Oct 16 HW: 4.3 Practice p. 208 #4, 5, 8, 11 and 12 (Due Wednesday)
Mon Oct 15 HW: Finish Real Life Applications Handout (will discuss tomorrow in class)
Fri Oct 12 HW: No School
Thurs Oct 11 HW: Catch up day (test corrections/ missing assignments)
Wed Oct 10 HW: Chapter 3 Test
Tues Oct 9 HW: Chapter 3 Review
Mon Oct 8 HW: Chapter 3 Review
Fri Oct 5 HW: 3.6 Ratios and Proportions Notes p. 158-159 #19-23, 26-36 (Due Monday)
Thurs Oct 4 HW: Equation Mini Posters/ Finish Equivalent Equations Handout
Wed Oct 3 HW: Equivalent Equations Handout (will finish tomorrow in class)
Tues Oct 2 HW: 3.8 Stations (finish 3.8 homework)
Mon Oct 1 HW: 3.8 HW p. 168 # 13-27 odd (due tomorrow)
Fri Sept 28 HW: 3.5 Practice Handout (will discuss solutions on Monday)
Thurs Sept 27 HW: Work on page 2 of packet/ Equation Practice on whiteboards
Wed Sept 26 HW: Finish 4.1 Packet in class (will discuss last page on Thursday)
Tues Sept 25 HW: Finish 3.5 Practice if not finished
Mon Sept 24 HW: 3.5 Practice p. 152 #16-22, 24-26 (due Tuesday)
Fri Sept 21 HW: 3.5 Introduction (textbook)
Thurs Sept 20 HW: Quiz (over Sections 3.1-3.4)
Wed Sept 19 HW: 3.1-3.4 Practice Handout (checked answers in class, study for quiz)
Tues Sept 18 HW: 3.4 Practice (whiteboards)
Mon Sept 17 HW: Stations in class (finish Friday's assignment if didn't over weekend)
Fri Sept 14 HW: 3.1-3.3 Notes, p. 131 #4-11, p. 138 #4-7, 10, p. 145 #7-10 (will discuss Monday in class)
Thurs Sept 13 HW: Intro to Solving Equations (whiteboards/ card game)
Wed Sept 12 HW: PEMDAS Practice Handout (complete half the problems, due Thursday)
Tues Sept 11 HW: PEMDAS Order of Operations Practice on whiteboards (no homework)
Mon Sept 10 HW: Notes and Practice with expressions and operations (no homework)
Fri Sept 7 HW: In class discussion expanding toothpick problem (no homework)
Thurs Sept 6 HW: Show family course guide and have them sign (please turn in by next week).
Wed Sept 5 HW: Give family letter and have them fill out survey (please turn in by next week)