Health Syllabus




In this course the students will learn how to live a productive and healthy life.  The goal of health education is to instill in each student a desire to practice sound principles of healthy living.


  • Understanding Health and Wellness
  • Decision Making
  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Nutrition
  • Legal and Illegal Substances
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Human Sexuality

Classroom Expectations:

  • Respect yourself and those around you.
  • Take care of school property.
  • Raise your hand before speaking.
  • Be on task and get your assignments completed on time!
  • Clean up after yourself!
  • Bring all required materials to class with you.
  • Be in your seat BEFORE the tardy bell rings and ready to work!
  • Follow directions and be a good listener.
  • No hoods or sunglasses are to be worn in class.
  • Water and gum are acceptable in the classroom.
  • Electronic devices other than your classroom laptop are to be put away in your bag so no one can see them!!!
  • If you have completed your Health assignment for the day you can work on assignments from other classes or read a book.
  • Cheating will NOT be tolerated on any assignments in this class!!!  This includes copying other students’ work, plagiarism, forgery, etc. 
  • Stay in your assigned seat until the bell rings.
  • Keep a positive attitude, have fun and try to learn something new every day!

*Failure to follow these expectations will result in the school’s discipline procedures.


Make-up Work:

If you miss class with an excused absence, it is YOUR responsibility to find out what went on in class that day.  You can check your email for a Google Classroom assignment, email me or check with a friend.  Please stop in before or after school to get any missing work; do not ask me during class.  You have one day for every day you are absent to turn your work in. 

Cell Phone Policy:

Cell phones are a distraction and disruption to the learning environment.  Students are expected to refrain from all cell phone use during class.  Cell phones are required to be turned off/silenced during class and stowed OUT OF SIGHT in backpacks.

Grading Categories:

Categories include daily assignments, tests, projects, participation and extra credit.  The categories are not weighted; thus grades will be based on total points earned throughout the semester.

Grading Scale:

93-100%      A                        73-77%        C

90-92%       A-                       70-72%        C-

88-89%        B+                       68-69%        D+

83-87%        B                        60-67%        D

80-82%        B-                       59% and below  F

78-79%        C+


  • Show up to class each day BE PRESENT!
  • Participate and listen in class TAKE AN ACTIVE ROLE!
  • Take notes when needed WRITE IT DOWN!    
  • Keep handouts and necessary paperwork in a designated spot STAY ORGANIZED!
  • Do all assignments, projects, etc. and turn them in on time COME PREPARED!
  • Ask questions if you do not know the answer or you are unclear on the instructions SPEAK UP!
  • Take responsibility for your learning OWN YOUR EDUCTION!
  • Select partners/groups that will help you work, not distract you MAKE GOOD CHOICES!
  • Use Bear Time to meet with me about extra help or any concerns COMMUNICATE!
  • Check your grades USE SKYWARD!