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Student Parent Conference Tips & Handouts

Part I.  Career Exploration & Planning - consider 3 essential questions. 

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Who am I?  -- Goals, Past Experiences, Activities, Hobbies

What, then, can I become? --Career Planning, Career Research
How do I become that? --Post-Secondary Plan, Pathway Research

Part II.  Attendance & Academic review
Using Skyward Family Access, students will have an opportunity to share their academic progress this year and reflect on what has worked well for them, and what areas they need to work on. Specifically address any questions surrounding grades and attendance, which are seen on the Skyward program.


Part III. Be Professional

The central theme of this conference is about students accepting the ownership of their education and career path.  It is in that atmosphere that this particular conference be entirely led by the student, and that students parent/guardian understand their role.  This is a great opportunity for students to practice basic interviewing skills such as being able to talk about their strengths and skills, as well as future goals!


Here are the documents that were distributed to students for the their Student Parent Conference, which needs to be completed before students are able to request classes for next year.

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OHS High School & Beyond Plan Completion Requirements for 2019-2020


SPC Student Parent Conference Steps & Script 2020  

Minimum College Entrance Requirements (WA Four Year Public Schools)