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Head Coach:  Steve Davis
Defensive Coordinator:  Dennis Graham
Defensive Backs Coach:  Steve Roth
Defensive Line Coach:  Ryan Pittman
Running Backs Coach:
  Denis Shea
Linebackers Coach:  Tom Cline
Linebackers Coach:  Conner Schultz
Passing Game Coordinator:  Trevor Houser
Wide Receivers Coach:  Rick Chase
Wide Receivers Coach:  Jerret Hersey
C Team Coach:  Jim Hotvedt
C Team Defense Coach:  Phil Harlan
C Team Offense Coach:  Casey Thorpe
C Team Defensive Line Coach:  Tanner Hartsoch

OHS Fight Song

Fight Fight Fight for Olympia that victory
We’re going to fight fight fight for the Blue and the White
You do your best Bears and we’ll do the rest....
So on on on on....on ‘til the end
With honor and glory we will win...we will win
So fight fight fight for Olympia High and victory.

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