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Instead of a Job - Need a CAREER?


Seattle Maritime Academy has open space available for both deck and engine classes. This is unusual for 2022. In previous years we are usually building a wait list by this time. If you know any high school graduates or someone considering a career change learn more about this program! It is 9 months in Ballard followed by a three month at sea internship. The program costs around 10k, yet students can get $300+ a day for the internships. So they pay for school on the internship wages.  Most students after graduation are earning between 60-80k a year.
It's the best deal going. Especially if you consider working for 5 years you can upgrade and get paid almost double, or if you save you could pay for college debt free. 


DSHS - State Employment 

  • The Department of Social and Health Services is the largest Washington state agency and assists 2.5 million people. 
  •  Some DSHS jobs only require a high school diploma, while other jobs will be for students to consider as they navigate their career choices. 
  • Within DSHS, you can find jobs in many occupations:  Healthcare, Social Service, Maintenance, Security, Information Technology, Truck Driving, Benefits Eligibility, Accounting, and many other roles.
  • A diverse and representative DSHS workforce is beneficial to the citizens of Washington State because it ensures all voices are heard equally.  


Our job site is found here:


Almost everyone is hiring!
Google: Jobs Near Me for a long list of jobs

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Northwest Youth Corps

Youth Community Crew will work on restoration and trail building projects on Capitol Land Trust conserved lands. 

Must be 15-19 years old

More information and how to apply HERE


YMCA Camp Counselor 

Are you interested in a summer job position that cultivates leadership qualities, foster community, develop stewardship with a sense of creativity and adventure? 

Hours are flexible: 25hrs-40hrs a week. 

Pay rate: $16.50/hr  

Age: 16 or above (preferably 18)

Click here for more information and to apply 

Students without a diploma can apply here:  

Power Scholars-Day Camp Counselor as the minimum age is 16.  Here’s the link: 


International Paper - Lacey, WA

General Laborer
$20.33/hr + $1500 in bonuses

Click here for more information and to apply


Penske Truck Leasing

Seasonal Positions


Click here for more information and to apply


ForeverLawn Puget Sound

Hiring Turf Installers

Opportunity for graduates looking for an entry level career in the tradesman industry! 

Click here for more information


Thurston County

Seasonal Workers

See website for more information


City of Olympia

Seasonal Workers

Must be 18 years old

See website for more information


WA State Dept of Natural Resources

Looking for a career opportunity immediately after high school? Check out the DNR. Many jobs are available for recent high school graduates.


Find Work Friday with WorkSource

Check the calendar for dates - Sign Up Required
Find Work Friday is a virtual job fair that connects employers and potential employees. You will have the opportunity to chat with each company for 15 minutes to ask questions discuss your interests. This event will be held the second Friday of the month and feature different employers each month. All job seekers are welcome but this event will focus on employers from Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Pacific, and Thurston counties.

Weekly Hot Job Postings HERE



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Worksite Learning

Do you have a job? Are you 16 or older? Do you work 10 hours a week or more? You can earn high school credit for your job through Worksite Learning. To learn more about how to earn high school credit for your job email:  Brenda Diettrich - OSD Work Site Learning Coordinator [email protected]


WorkSource Youth Services

We serve young adults between the ages of 14 and 24 who face challenges finding employment, training and education. We focus on overcoming barriers and providing personalized support during challenging times.

Young adults need opportunities to gain work experience and make money. We fund meaningful paid internships where young adults develop the skills, they need to be successful in today’s workforce.

We help young adults prepare for high-quality jobs and careers. We’re here to help address real life challenges with education opportunities, career possibilities, and employment options.


Click here for the WorkSource Youth Program Referral Form


Minimum Wage

The 2022 minimum wage in the state of Washington is $14.49 per hour. More info from L& I here.


Should you list your Social Security number on a job application? Find the answer here.