Concert Report

Concert Report

As musicians it is important that we go to other musician’s concerts to support them, think critically about the art, and to apply those criticisms to our own art.

Your assignment is to go to a concert (school, jazz, choir, classical, concert band, community) that you did not participate in and write a response in essay format. Analyze the concert in terms of a critical response of the performers’ execution of the elements of music, the composer’s use of those elements, and your emotional response to what you heard.

Choose one piece of music for your critical response. Evaluate the performers’ execution of any or all of the following categories:

  • Beat/Rhythm

  • Expression (dynamics, style, tempo, phrasing)

  • Pitch/Intonation

  • Timbre/Tone Color

...and the composer’s choices in terms of:

  • Form

  • Harmony

  • Melody

  • Notation

  • Texture

For your emotional response think of how this concert left you feeling. Did the music leave you:

  • Excited

  • Calmed

  • Confused

  • Inspired

  • Other?

In addition to being in essay format with introductory, body, and concluding paragraphs this assignment should be typed or word-processed. Concert Reports may be emailed to the director. Late work will not be accepted.