For Recommendation letters

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Step 1: Ask me in person to write a letter of recommendation.

Step 2: Take a moment and think about a moment that stood out for you in work you have done with me that you are proud of. Could include helping others, seeking help yourself, mastering a tough concept, realizing a connection... Please try to be specific. (I'm not looking for you to praise me or our class, but rather find an act that you are personally proud of)

Step 3: Write a short narrative describing what you just thought about. Again, the more specific the better. HOWEVER, don't put in a ton of time working on this!!!! I'm not going to be judging you on style or grammar, and it only needs to be a paragraph or so. This is just some fodder to kick start my brain thinking about how I will be recommending you.

Step 4: Email me the following:
            - The date you need the letter in by (early decision people especially).
            - A current updated resume.
            - The narrative you wrote in step 3.
            - Optional: Any other short blurb that you think might be particularly applicable to what you are applying to (for example, if you're applying for a pre-med focused school, give me a bit more information about that volunteer work you do at the hospital, or whatever)

Step 5: Remind me via email of upcoming deadlines.