Summer 2019 Olympia HS Construction Update

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Summer 2019 Olympia HS Construction Update

Work is underway on several summer construction projects around the Olympia High School campus.

Summary of school improvement projects
Construction began on June 24, 2019 on Olympia High School improvements included in the voter-approved 2016 school bond.

New security vestibule at front entrance: A second set of entry doors is being added this summer to the front entry off North Street to enhance security, and visitors will be required to check in before being allowed to enter the second set of doors into the school.

New entry doors and classroom addition adjacent to Commons: A more secure entry with two sets of doors will also be added next summer at the entrance to the Commons, which will be part of a two-story classroom addition in the same area. Fourteen general classrooms will be housed in the two-story addition.

Other classroom additions: In other areas of campus, classroom additions include a new 2,000-square-foot music room to be built adjacent to the existing music rooms, as well as four additional science classrooms and science prep rooms that will be built between the 400 classroom wing and the Allied Arts building. The science classroom addition will be joined to the main campus with an enclosed secure walkway. This summer, workers will be preparing underground utilities to support those classroom additions that will start construction in fall and continue throughout the 2019-20 school year.

Carpeting and paint: Summer plans also include replacing carpeting in all existing classrooms, offices and the Performing Arts Center. A fresh coat of paint will be added to corridor walls throughout the school starting this summer.

Synthetic turf field: The Olympia HS bond projects will conclude next summer with the installation of a synthetic turf field behind the school’s tennis courts; the relocation of three of the tennis courts to the immediate south side of their existing location to make room for the new turf field and parking; and the removal of seven portable classrooms on the back side of campus.

Changes to community parking, walking paths and field use

Please be aware of the following changes to community parking, walking paths and field use on campus due to construction this summer and, in some cases, into the 2019-20 school year:


  •  In general, please do not enter fenced-off areas on campus signaling construction taking place. There are potential safety hazards within these areas.
  • The driveway on the west side of campus is closed this summer as a thoroughfare between the parking lot on the Carlyon Street entrance on the back side of campus and the parking lot on the North Street entrance at the front side of campus.
  • Walking paths through campus that are next to the pond adjacent to the tennis courts are fenced off this summer as workers construct a new water line.
  • A security vestibule is being added to the school’s front entry off North Street adjacent to the main office. Pedestrian traffic will be rerouted when the school office reopens in August. Please follow detour signs when entering the school.
  • The practice field behind the Ingersoll Field grandstands is fenced off and closed until the new synthetic turf field is completed in its place in Fall 2020.
  • Parking spaces off the Carlyon Street entry closest to the kitchen are closed this summer for construction of a new two-story general classroom addition. These spaces will remain closed until Fall 2020. The rest of the student parking area off Carlyon Street will be open this summer. All parking off the North Street entrance to campus will remain open this summer.

Update August 27, 2019


Entries: Students and staff may enter from North Street and from Carlyon Avenue S.E.

  • Parking at the North Street school entrance is available in the staff lot to the west side of the front door loop. New parking stalls are being added in the drop-off circle. Once completed, these stalls will be used for visitors and some additional staff parking. The new parking stalls will likely be available September 20. The circle is still available for drop-off until this project is complete.
  • Parking in the Student Lot off Carlyon Avenue is available, but with fewer parking stalls. Students will have two entrances from Carlyon: A safe but narrow passage to the Commons entrance will be available by September 4. Students can also enter between the Main Gym Boys Locker Room and Performing Arts Center (PAC), and this entrance is available now.
  • Students may need to park in the Ingersoll Stadium lot, so should leave time for that change in routine.
  • This fall especially, parking will be more limited. We encourage students to ride the school bus or carpool. Dropping off students may take more time, as family members navigate the new parking lot and students look for parking stalls.
  • Bike racks are located in between the PAC and Main Gym Boys Locker room, and by the Main Office on North Street.


Main Office: The Main Office is under construction with the installation of a new Reception window and secured vestibule.

Bus Loop: Construction will not impact use of the bus loop for drop-off or pickup. Students who ride the bus can follow the routine of past years.

Classrooms: Carpet has been installed in most classrooms and common areas. Classroom contents are returning and final cleaning is happening to get ready for the return of teachers and students.

3rd Music Room: The concrete floor was poured last week and walls are up. This room will be available in early 2020.

Gyms: Painting has been completed in the Main Gym, and both gym floors are waxed and ready for use.

Navigating the Campus: Olympia HS is an active construction site. Students who have classes in the portable classrooms or in the 700 Building will have appropriate walkways to and from the main building. Students need to be mindful that the defined walkways must be followed.

14-Classroom Addition Outside of the Commons: This project is getting underway as the construction team has poured footings and foundations. The old exterior wall has been removed and temporary walls are installed on the inside of the Commons. Students may enter the Commons through a narrow walkway through the old doors or on the opposite side of the Performing Arts Center (PAC) between the PAC and Gym.

Science Classrooms: All of the work to update, relocate and add the necessary infrastructure for the additional science classrooms is currently underway.

During the year the information above may change, so please look for construction updates on this page and/or in our weekly “The OlyWay” newsletter.

Thank you,

Matt Grant


Update July 25, 2019

Pile driving began this week for placing new utility lines in the ground near Freshman Pond. The vibratory hammer being used will create some localized noise and possibly some ground shaking.

Construction work on a new water line will begin before the end of August. The northern edge of the North Street Field will be fenced off, and the west side gates to the tennis courts will be unavailable.  Most of the North Street Field will be open, and the tennis courts are fully available using the west side gates.