Hello Oly Students and Families!

We have had to adjust our process for requesting courses for the  2020-21 school year.  You will receive information April 14th-15th via email and mailers to your home address.  We recognize that this will be a lot of information but ask that you read through it carefully and take advantage of all the links.   If you did not receive the email or the mailer, below is the link with all of the information.  Please know that we are here to help and look forward to hearing from you with any questions that you may have.


Registration Timeline 2020-21

February 3rd-13th Counselors are presenting registration information to Junior English classes. 
Counselors will meet individually with each Junior to pre-register for courses and discuss post high school plans.  Each student will receive their current transcript, SPC (Student Parent Conference) packet, and course request sheet.

March 25th  6-8 pm, 9th-11th GRADE PARENT NIGHT.

This event supporting registration for next school year.  Parents may attend up to three breakout sessions.

Grade 9-11 Parent Night 


Class Application

A few classes at OHS require an application. Such classes are noted in the catalog and other materials. If a class in which you wish to enroll requires an application, click here: 20-21 Class Application


March 13th (10th graders) March 20th (9th graders)

Counselors will present registration information to the 9th and 10th grade students during Bear Time.  Pertinent paperwork (Transcript, Student Parent Conference (SPC) packet and course request sheet) will be distributed to 9th and 10th grade students via their English classes.   Parents should be looking for course request forms from their student.  Please discuss your student's choices before signing their form.  Completed and signed forms are due back to their English teacher by April 3rd. Counselors will collect and input student requests.


March 27th- Showcase

Showcase- students will spend Homeroom attending three presentations of their own choice to help guide their choices for registration.  Examples of presentations are: AP courses, New Market, Honors Courses, AVID, Art and Occupational Education, Freedom Farmers, and Science Courses.

April 12-16, 2020

Middle school presentations and registration video, presented through middle school teachers.

Middle schools included: WMS, RMS, JAMS, ORLA, NOVA

April 14th, 2020, 6-7:30PM

Incoming freshman parent night/Activity Night. 


April 15, 12-12:30

Reeves Q & A with OHS Counselors


April 15, 6:30-7

NOVA, ORLA, JAMS, Other  Q & A with OHS Counselors


April 16, 11:30-12

WMS Q & A with OHS Counselors

May - June - July

2020-21 Master Schedule Development 

New Student Registration

When a new student family moves into the Olympia High School attendance area, the family should contact the Olympia High School Counseling Office at (360)596-7004. Bring proof of residency (rental agreement, mortgage agreement, utility bill) to that meeting. Registration forms will be provided at that time. Paperwork should be completely filled out and returned to Patty West, Enrollment Secretary, in the Counseling Center as soon as possible.

Incoming Freshmen from an Olympia School District Middle School:

Information will be provided to 8th graders at Olympia School District middle schools in March. Registration and advising is handled through the middle schools. For specific dates check with your middle school counselors for your school specific information.


Presentation Links for 8th-grade personal pathway selections ( updated April 14, 2020)



Courses offered vary from year to year and are described in the 2020-21 course catalog


Each year students at OHS register for their classes by completing the following:

  • Conduct a SPC (Student Parent Conference)
  • Attending Showcase
  • Discussing options with counselor (Junior Year one-on-one)

The subject selection process puts the student in charge of selecting classes to meet individual interests, outcomes and needs; therefore, class schedule changes should not be necessary except for graduation requirements.  Changing a schedule can be very difficult and multiple factors are involved: class size, availability, initial class request and other factors that must work around 1900 student schedules.

By current grade level:  

  • Class of 2021 - 24 Credit Checklist 
  • 9th grade subject selection sheet 
  • 10th grade subject selection sheet 
  • 11th grade subject selection sheet 

Should students need additional help, the appropriate counselor may be consulted. Email is best when reaching counselors during registration and/or contacting the Counseling Office for an appointment.  360-596-7004

Incoming freshmen are computer scheduled for their first year after completing the subject selection form.  8th grade registration dates are throughout March for OSD feeder schools.  

Necessary schedule changes should be handled with a counselor during the first ten class days of the first semester (first five days of second semester). Any withdrawal from a class after that time will result in the awarding of a withdrawal failure grade (WF) on the student's permanent record. (See Request to Add/Drop below).