OHS Yearbook Senior Photo Guidelines

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When are senior portraits due?

All senior portraits are due on October 31, 2021. Any portraits turned in after that date are not guaranteed to be in the book. If a student does not submit a photo by the deadline then we will use the students school ID photo in the yearbook.

How should I submit it?

Please use our portal via the Walsworth website to upload your photo:

How to upload your photo

Can the yearbook staff scan a printed photo?

No, we have to have the digital file sent to us.

What format should the photo be in?

Please use either JPEG or PNG files for submission.

How do I know if my photo has been submitted by my photographer?

Please contact your photographer and make sure that they have received a confirmation from Mark Zarate, OHS yearbook advisor. Please do not contact me directly if your photographer submitted the photo.

Do I have to have them taken professionally?

Although it is not required to have senior photos taken professionally, the difference can be quite significant. If cost is a concern many photographers have a low cost plan for just a yearbook photo.

Does a cell phone camera photo work?

Yes, a cell phone camera photo will work. Most current phones have quality optics that will take quality photos.

What size does it have to be?

Please send us your full-resolution photos and we can scale and crop it. We will scale down to around 600 x 800 pixels. If we have to crop too much your final photo can become pixelated, so a full-resolution photo works best.

How should the photo be posed?

  • All photos need to be vertically posed. Please no photos of laying down, upside down, or sideways in the frame. It is difficult to crop and will end up looking silly compared to the other photos surrounding yours.
  • We will crop the photo, so if you submit a full body shot we have to decide where/how to crop
  • The photo should be of you, no props please. No other people are allowed in the photo either.
  • Make sure that the background doesn’t distract from the star of the photo...YOU!
  • Eyes must be facing the camera.