OHS Yearbook Senior Ad Guidelines

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All sales/designs go through  yearbookforever.com


Ad Sales will remain open until March 1, 2022!

March 1, 2022 is a HARD DEADLINE.


How to design your ad:

The following video shows you how to design your own ad online!

Sr. Ad for OHS Yearbook


How do I place my ad?

You have two options: first you can create and upload your own ad using software of your own (please see below!) OR, secondly, you can use the Walsworth Online Ad Editor. Either way you will need to go to yearbookforever.com to process the order. If you don’t see the option to purchase an ad please turn off all ad blockers! The option to purchase should appear after turning off ad blockers and refreshing the page.

I don’t like the options on Walsworth Online Ad Editor, can I just make my own?

Absolutely! This is totally fine, but you need to be familiar with pixel/document sizing. If you make your own you are going to want to make sure that your final document fits these measurements EXACTLY.  

Ad sizes are as follows: Full Page - AT LEAST 1350 x 1800 pixels (the ratio is .75 x 1), Half Page - AT LEAST 1350 x 900 (the ratio is 1.5 x 1), and Quarter Page - AT LEAST 675 x 900 (the ratio is .75 x 1). If you create an ad that doesn’t adhere to these sizes it will be distorted to fit into those sizes exactly. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN CREATING YOUR FILES SIZES. You can always make your files higher resolution (2700 x 3600 for a full page, 2700 x 1800 for a half, and 1350 x 1800 for a quarter page) but just remember to follow those ratios!

Prices are: Full Page - $207, Half Page - $103.50, Quarter Page - $51.75

How many pictures should I have for the ad?

You can have as many as you wish, however, too many gets distracting for the overall look of the ad. We suggest 1 or 2 for a ¼ page, 4-6 for a ½ page and 8-12 for a full page.

How can I scan printed photos?

There are lots of scanning apps for your phone/ipad. I prefer PhotoScan by Google Photos. Please do not just take a photo of a photo, they rarely look good and oftentimes are distorted and have glare on them.

Can I pull photos off Facebook, Instagram, etc?

Yes, absolutely, but be warned that the photos usually have much lower resolution once they are pulled down from Facebook. Whenever possible you should find the original photos from your phone or device. Keep everything as high resolution as possible.

What software should I use if I’m making my own?

Use a program like Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, or even Illustrator. They will allow you to make your documents precisely the size you will want. There may be some other online designers that will allow you to make precise size documents as well. Pixlr and Canva are other online options that have no cost that you may want to use.

Do not use Word or Powerpoint.