Honors 10th English Summer Assignment

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Dear Honors 10 English Student,

For the mandatory summer assignment, please complete the following.

A. Purchase a minimum 1-inch binder and label it “Honors 10 Binder.”

This will be used for this class only. Please label the dividers as follows:

Class notes
Diction and Syntax
Writing handouts/ Essays
Vocabulary and DGP

Bring the binder on the first day of class.

B. Please read The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros.

(You may purchaseyour own copy, or you may check out a copy from Mrs. Lang in Room 502 or Mrs. Violette in Room 503 before school is out.) As you read The House on Mango Street annotate! You may annotate directly in your book if you purchase a copy, or you can use post-its or take notes in a notebook if you check a book out. Choose the style that works best for you, but make sure to record page numbers. When you annotate, you might look for (and comment on):
  • Imagery
  • Diction
  • Syntax
  • Literary elements (character, setting, conflict, etc.)
  • Organization
  • Passages that seem significant, relevant, interesting, or confusing.

Essay prompt:

What do you think is the dominant theme for this collection of vignettes? Write an essay wherein you discuss the significance of that theme using at least three vignettes for support. This essay should be five paragraphs long with an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Use MLA format style when citing the page number for any quotation.

This assignment should be typed and double-spaced. If that is not possible, print neatly using blue or black ink. Please bring the completed essay on the first day of class. It also needs to be electronically accessible to you in class that day.

Have a great summer, and read some books for fun!!! See you in the fall.

Mrs. Costello: kcostello@osd.wednet.edu
Mrs. Lang: mlang@osd.wednet.edu
Mrs. Violette: sviolett@osd.wednet.edu