Clearance Forms

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To become eligible for participation in high school athletics, student-athletes and parents/legal guardians must complete and sign ALL of the following forms and return them on the date specified by the high school for athletic clearance.  Please see the previous page for dates and hours of clearance. If ALL forms are not completed and signed one day prior to the first day of practice, the student-athlete will not be eligible to participate.  



Required Athletic Clearance Forms:


High School Athlete Handbook/Athletic Code:  REQUIRED ANNUALLY

Each year students and parents must read and agree to the OSD High School Athlete Handbook/Athletic Code. Please read the entire handbook, sign and return the "Student Athlete and Parent Acknowledgement" page from the registration packet/forms during clearance. If you have any questions regarding the content of this handbook, you may contact either the athletic office or Jeff Carpenter, Director of Health, Fitness and Athletic Programs at 360-596-8544 or via email at:

Athletic Registration Packet/Forms:  REQUIRED ANNUALLY

Each year students and parents are required to complete and return packet/forms during the established clearance period.


Physical examinations are required for all interscholastic sports participants, including the activities of drill/dance/cheer squads.  Verification of a physical examination must be submitted, at the time of clearance, on a form provided by the District and signed by a medical professional licensed to perform physical examinations.  Certification for participation will be valid for a 13-month period from the date of the examination.

  • Athletic Physical Examination Form (PDFWord)

Medical Emergency Authorization Form:  NEW FORM REQUIRED FOR EACH SEASON

Injuries and illness may occur at practices or games when parents/guardians are not immediately available.  The "Medical Emergency Authorization Form" provides school staff with information directly related to health conditions, parent/guardian notification process, along with choices of physicians and hospitals.  This form must be completed, signed and returned during the clearance period for each season.

Transportation Form:  REQUIRED ANNUALLY

Transportation form allowing students to be transported by bus, district van or to ride with others.  At times, school district transportation may not be available.  In these cases, parents may choose to allow their child drive ride with others.

  • Athletic Event Transportation- Passenger (WordPDF)


Sports Specific Safety Guidelines:  NEW FORM REQUIRED FOR EACH SPORT





Transportation Forms:

At times, school district transportation may not be available.  In these cases, parents may choose to allow their child to drive or a parent can drive.

To be considered as a volunteer driver of students this form must be completed and accepted by the school each season.

  • Athletic Event Transportation- Volunteer Driver Acknowledgement (WordPDF)


Transferring Students:

After registering with and/or attending a middle or high school, students changing enrollment from one school district to another school district or from one high school to another within the same district are, by WIAA rule, a transfer student.  In order to become eligible for varsity competition, transferring students must complete the following form and meet the all WIAA and OSD residence requirements.

  • Transferring Student Form (PDFWord)


Assumption of Risk and Parent Permission for:

Open Gym, Weight Room, On-Campus Summer Conditioning/Practice or Off-Campus Summer Programs.

  • Assumption of Risk and Parent Permission form (PDFWord



High School Athletic Participation Fee:  MUST BE PAID FOR SPORT AT TIME OF CLEARANCE


To be eligible to participate in the interscholastic sports program, all student-athletes are required to pay a participation fee before each season during the clearance process.  The Board of Directors has currently set the participation fee at $125 per season.


With approval from the principal, the participation fee may be waived for students enrolled in the free or reduced lunch program.  For students requesting a waiver due to documented financial hardship, a reduced fee or waiver may be granted by the principal.


If a student is participating in a "cut" sport they will be given no more than three (3) days from the date "cuts" are made, to pay the participation fee, unless waived by the principal for a documented hardship.  Those not making payment within the three (3) day period will be ineligible until fees are paid in full.


If a student leaves the sport within the first ten (10) days of practice 100% of the fee will be refunded.  Requests for refunds must be made, in writing, to the building athletic office within five (5) days of leaving the sport.  If a student leaves the sport after the first ten (10) days of practice no refund will be given.


Student participation fees are used at the building level to assist in paying for transportation of athletic teams and at the district level to partially pay for coaching stipends.  See "Information for Parents" on this site for funding details.


Concussion Management Protocol

The Olympia School District has established a concussion management protocol designed to safeguard our student-athletes.  This protocol includes three basic components: Every two years student-athletes participating in football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, volleyball, baseball and fastpitch are required to undergo a "Baseline" assessment (IMPACT TESTING) prior to the first day of practice.  This assessment is free of charge and conducted at the school by one of our on-site licensed Athletic Trainers.

  1. If a suspected head injury/concussion occurs in any sport/activity during a practice or game, the participant must be immediately removed and assessed, using the established "sideline protocol", by a licensed health care provider (athletic trainer or other provider) trained in concussion management and may not return until clearance is given by the licensed health care provider.
  2. If a concussion is confirmed, the student-athlete must participate in a post-injury treatment plan developed and supervised by a licensed heath care provider trained in concussion management, be free from all symptoms, and have a post-injury IMPACT test score at the baseline level prior to being considered for full participation clearance by the District/school licensed athletic trainer.  By OSD policy, the site Athletic Trainer has the final authority to clear an athlete for partial or full participation when returning from a concussion/head injury.