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Homework Request

If you need to request homework because your son/daugher has an "excused" absence form school, please do the following:

  1. Go to the teachers' web pages.  Homework assignments are usually posted there.   At the OHS website choose the "Departments" tab and then choose the specific department.  You will see individual teachers listed there.
    (There is a computer on the counter in the main office that is available for your use);
  2. If homework information is not on the teacher's page, and your your son/daughter will be out of school for at least the next two days, contact the teacher directly - via email to request the home work.
  3. If the absence will be for an extended period of time (5+ days), it might be best to contact the teacher in addition to accessing the online homework information.
  4. Should you have plans that involve  your child being gone for an extended time please see the information below.

Be reminded that students are given extra time to make up homework for "excused" absences.  Students who miss labs/guest speakers or other activities, will need to make arrangements with their teachers regarding missed activities.