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Inserting a Picture


These directions assume you have uploaded your picture as a . jpg into the File Manager section




1. Go to the uploaded fie in File Manager.




2. You need to "copy the link location" as the first step in adding the new page to your webpage.

  • If you are using a Mac, hold down the the CONTROL key on your keyboard and click the mouse on the title you just loaded.
    • Select "Copy Link Location" In this example the file is called--- doom.jpg
  • If you are using a PC, right click on the picture file title that you just uploaded and select "Copy Link Location"

3. Now go back to CONTENT MANAGER. (Click on the "Content Tab" at the top of Web Manager)


4. Select "EDIT PAGE" for the page where you want to add the Picture


5. Click where you want the picture to be in the page content section.


6. Click on the Tree icon.





7. Paste the "Link location" that you copied earlier into the box that says "Image URL"

  • On a Mac -- Hold down the "Command" key and "V" OR use the Edit Menu to paste
  • ON a PC -- Right Click and Paste OR Edit Menu to paste

8. Click INSERT




9. The picture should appear in the page you are editing.

10. Don't forget to save the changes