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OHS Staff Software Picks!

OHS Teachers have proclaimed the following software to have enhanced their abilities to teach and communicate.  As well as each software's synopsis and testimonials below, check out the software sites for more info!  If you check out a corporate site on any of these, look for EXAMPLES of what can be created, and look for examples that you can actually manipulate.  I have been amazed by what these companies show and allow me to experience at their sites and libraries.



For Math and Business departments, students use and create in Excel (Microsoft).

"I use Microsoft excel a lot for data analysis and teach students to graph and calculate using a spreadsheet."

"I have seen students use Excel, but very few USE Excel.  I try to teach application of accounting in Excel and often times students come back years later and thank me.  What's even better is the number of parents that thank me for teaching their kids Excel because they were able to learn something from them."

Naturally, this is already on your computer, and SO MANY  of our students know how to use it thanks to OHS teachers.

Also available in the cloud at http://www.microsoft.com/office/cxm/en-us/home-premium/  



"A much more dynamic way to present material.  One does not create "slides," but rather an ENVIRONMENT through which to ride."

 "Best when being used by students to show knowledge."

http://prezi.com    (Still uses "Flash" as its core, so not the best on iPads.  But, it has been around for many years, and can enjoy full use on any browser while on a full computer.)



"Lumo allows students to show their understanding of how an environment operates.  Ideas are connected, webbed, and shown in ways that PULL the viewer into the creator's meaning.  It is nothing like powerpoint, but rather allows others to EXPERIENCE what students have learned.  Students construct meaning and then others use their constructs to explore and learn too."

"Lumo is Pezi that works on iOS.  Prezi is great, but is gimpy on iPad . . ."

http://lumo.sonardesign.com    (Like Prezi, Skyward, and Turn-it-in, this is a fully used through the web browser, any device.)



"Actually, I have used Powerpoint to create interactive labs that present students with social problems for them to create answers; not a lecture, but a Powerpoint with buttons and links, and choices.

On your computer and in the cloud at http://www.microsoft.com/office/cxm/en-us/home-premium/ 


Skyward Online Assignments:

"I use Skyward Online Assignments for my quizzes.  Students can log in through student access, complete the assignment, and in many cases, it will grade and score it for me.  The quizzes save from year to year, so I don't have to recreate them.  I also encourage my students to download and use the Skyward mobile app so they have easy access to their account.  Both of these features of Skyward save me time and energy."

Found right in your Skyward!



A big one for the English Department and some in Social Studies!

"Turnitin.com is an online, cloud-based service for evaluating and improving writing."

"Its three powerful tools include a plagiarism checker, click-and-drag grading, and online peer-review."

"No more writing comments when grading; simply select pre-set comments, quickly add your own, or even just record your voice comments in a matter or seconds!"

"Great mechanics/grammar accountability tool (provides student feedback to self-correct errors before final submission)"

OHS has an account for you and your students to use!  (Contact the English Department to get started.)

http://turnitin.com   (Like Skyward, Lumo, and others, this is done in any web browser; cloud-based.)



"A better tool for presenting information: Better graphics, better transitions in conveying meaning; Keynote is what Powerpoint should have advanced to after 20 years."

"Drag and drop that really works, and video clips actually stay embedded in the presentation--exactly where you put them--no matter what computer you take your Keynote presentation to."

Full software on any Mac or iPad.  Cloud-based version and cloud storage accessed on mac, pc, or tablet at iCloud.com:  http://www.apple.com/iwork-for-icloud/



"We show photography, and with our school on Macs, nothing is better or easier."

Free on all Macs and iPads.


Adobe Creative Suite CS6:

"Using Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator students manipulate pixels, place photos, create vector graphics, and edit like crazy to create things like magazine covers, promotional posters, yearbook pages, edited faux senior photos, infographics, zombify their own faces, and just about anything you could imagine."


The whole Google suite:

"From Google Plus, Gmail, Picasa, Drive...we use all these tools to create a "Classroom in the Cloud." I'm trying to teach my students that they can make all their work mobile as we also download the smartphone apps for all these programs as well to access work wherever they may be."


...more to come!