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LAST UPDATE:  November, 2013/kchan

OHS iPad Cohort

  • 2013-2014:  Workshops held on the second Thursday of each month from 2:45-4:15PM, Room 306.
  • 2013-2014 Cohort GOALS:  
    • Individual technology-integration goals vary by teacher/subject.
    • We work together to meet the need of individual teachers/teachers wtih class sets of iPads to make technology integration seamless. 
    • Create an environment that supports technology-integration and explores the appropriate uses for scaffolding and improving student learning.

Links & Resources

  • Google Docs Workshop:  April 11, 2012
  • The Online Google Workshop - learning how to use Google tools in the classroom (for your organization or with your students).  Google dosc, google sites, etc.  Great place to start as well as to find new tips & tricks to improve on what you are doing already.
  • 100+ Google Tips & Tricks for Teachers
  • Online Jeopardy Game boards - just add your content.  You can use your game online or download the files and use when you don't have internet access.
  • Get More Out Of Google (learn to search to find what you want and not just what is promoted) - helpful for teachers AND students
  • This tutorial shows you how to connect your document camera and computer to your data projector.   This is MUCH easier than putting your cart together!
  • Do you have a white-colored Elmo document camera?  If you do, check you model number (most are TT- 02s).  You can download the software for your MacBook here that will allow you to take/edit images with the laptop from the document camera.