High School

1302 North Street
Olympia, WA 98501
Phone: (360) 596-7000
Attendance: (360) 596-7003
Fax: (360) 596-7001


When: Monday-Thursday from 2:25pm - 3:25
Where: In the Library

There are currently 3 highly qualified students scheduled to work each day.
These students excel in their classes holding a 3.8 GPA or higher.

Help is available daily for Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Foreign Language.


Deborah Harbord-Ayers



How do I get my son/daughter signed up?

You don't. Your student may come in the Library, sign in on the orange sign-in sheet attached to the clipboard. Tutors check the sheet and offer help accordingly.

Can my son/daughter come in and get one-on-one help?

Not usually. A tutor might be helping 3-5 students at a time in a particular subject.

How long can I "make" my son/daughter come in for tutoring?

This is a strictly voluntary program. Students needing academic assistance may come all 4 days, once per week, once per month, 30 minutes at a time, etc. He/she must determine how much help he/she needs to accomplish a certain goal.

Can the supervising staff keep track of my student?

No. Since this is a voluntary after-school program, students are free to come as late or leave as early as they wish within the scheduled hour.

My son/daughter is failing classes and her teacher is requiring that he/she get tutoring. Can you enforce that?

No. Any agreement made between the teacher, parent and student to attend tutoring becomes the student's responsibility.

My son/daughter doesn't need any help, only additional time to do homework. Can he/she just come in after school?

Absolutely. Many students need to finish homework, projects or use the computers to work on an assignment. No signing in required.