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McLaughlin's World History:  2016-2017


Week 37: June 12 - June 16

Start bringing books back in to class this week

Friday: Reading #1 'The Great War'

Thursday: WW1 Documentary 

Wednesday: Finish DBQ's

Tuesday: DBQ's

Monday: DBQ's


Week 36: June 5 - June 9

Friday: 4 videos on WW1              


Thursday: DBQ's      

Wednesday: DBQ's

Tuesday: Complete Intro reading and notes

Monday: WW1 Vocab 

                 DBQ Intro reading with notes: The Underlying Causes of WW1


Week 35: May 29 - June 2

Friday: Finish Treaties & Intro to WW1

Thursday: Writing Treaties   (Biology EOC Testing with 2.5 hr late start)         

Wednesday: Allies/Treaties

Tuesday: Allies/Treaties

Monday: No School--Memorial Day


Week 34: May 22 - May 26

Friday: "The Story of Stuff" continued

Thursday: Finish "Life in the Slums of London" with notes

                    Start "The Story of Stuff" with handout

Wednesday: Documentary "Life in the Slums of London" with notes

Tuesday: Open-note TEST and Vocab test

Monday: Reading handout #2, page 3


Week 33: May 15 - May 19

Friday: Reading handout #2, page 3

Thursday: Continue reading and handouts

Wednesday: On-line reading for Industrial Revolution, Handout #2

Tuesday: Industrial Revolution vocab

                Begin on-line reading for Industrial Revolution, with Handout #1

Monday: Finish French Revolution test


Week 32: May 8 - May 12

Friday: Open-note TEST

Thursday: Finish 'Cause/Effect' chart

Wednesday: Career cruising

Tuesday: Career Cruising

Monday: Napoleon reading and handout (textbook pgs 229-231)


Week 31: May 1 - May 5

Friday: Finish documentary with notes           

Thursday: Documentary with notes

                   Credit check reading notes                     

Wednesday: Finish reading handout 'Revolution of Terror' (pg 2 of 2)                      

                      Textbook reading (pg 226-227) with handout "Reign of Terror"

                         Documentary with notes

Tuesday: 'Cause/Effect' chart

                    Textbook reading (pg 222-227) with handout "Revolution Brings Terror" (pg 1 of 2)

                     Documentary with notes

Monday: Documentary with notes


Week 30: April 24 - April 28

French Revolution: a model of Revolution (a mini unit study regarding a general overview of the classic French Revolution)

Friday: Vocab Test and documentary with notes

Thursday: Documentary on Fr. revolution with handout

Wednesday: Presentations

Tuesday: Vocab and small group work on Causes of Fr. Revolution

Monday: Pattern of Revolution (front of fold-able) and political science vocab


Week 29: April 17 - April 21

SBA Testing

"Amazing Grace' movie with reflective write

Turn in Slavery packet


Week 28: April 10 - April 14


                Open Note Test on Readings

Thursday: Reflective writings

Wednesday: Finish documentary and notes

Tuesday: Finish textbook reading and notes (due for credit check Wednesday)

                   Documentary 'Slavery in Brazil: An Inconvenient Truth' with notes

Monday: Reading "The Atlantic Slave Trade" (pg 132-136) with notes


Week 27: April 3-April 7



Week 26: March 27-March 31

Friday: Finish reading & notes for credit check

Thursday: Continue reading and notes

Wednesday: Reading: 'Creation of Atlantic Economy' with notes

Tuesday: Vocab/Docum--"The Story of Mankind - Slave  Trading"

Monday: Documentary--"The Story of Mankind - Universal Currency"/new foldable/vocabulary


Week 25: March 20-March 24

Friday:'A Day in the Life...' Research project, cont.

Thursday: 'A Day in the Life...' Research project       

Wednesday: Finish Test, turn in all notes


Monday: Review--finish reading notes & foldable


Week 24: March 13-March 17

Friday: Textbook reading--Spanish Conquests in Peru (pg 122-125) with notes

Thursday: Documentary--Episode 2: Conquest with notes

Wednesday: Finish flip chart (due at end of class for credit check)

                       Lost Inca Empire notes due for credit check

Tuesday: Continue Guns, Germs, Steel readings and flip chart

                   Finish Lost Inca Empire notes (homework)

Monday: Guns, Germs Steel Readings with Flip Chart

                   Finish Lost Inca Empire notes (homework)


Week 24: March 6-March 10

Friday: Continue 'Lost Inca Empire' notes

Thursday:Finish Summary write-up

                    PBS Research Project: The Lost Inca Empire (reading from website); Notes

Wednesday: Central & South America geography test

                      Finish Documentary & notes; Summary Write-up

Tuesday: Continue Documentary with notes; practice geography test

Monday: 'Lost Civilizations: Inca Secrets of the Ancestors' Documentary with notes


Week 23: Feb 27-March 3

Friday: Mapping (South America & Central America)

Thursday: Open-note test on Taino and Aztecs

Wednesday: Finish all readings/notes, etc

Tuesday: Finish documentary and Reading/notes

Monday: 500 Nations: The Aztec with notes

              (Start watching from 0:45:12 to 1:29:39 for notes)


Week 22: Feb 20-Feb24

Friday: The Aztec Story--Reading and notes

Thursday: Finish "500 nations" followed by Summary Write-up

Wednesday: Grade Vocab Test

                       Documentary: "500 Nations-The Caribbean-Clash of Cultures" with notes 

                                                 (Only watch first 21 minutes for notes)

                          Finish Spanish Reading with notes (due for credit check no later than Friday, 2-24)

Tuesday: No School --Mid-Winter Break

Monday: No School--Mid-Winter Break


Week 21: Feb 13-Feb17

Friday: Vocabulary test

              Spanish reading with notes

Thursday: 'The Story of Columbus (The Spanish)' reading with notes

Wednesday: Open note quiz on Portuguese/Dutch

Tuesday: Complete Portuguese reading (pg 95-101)

Monday: Finish Vocabulary; 'Europeans Explore the East' reading with notes (pg 95-101)


Week 20: Feb 6-Feb10

Friday: Finish documentary and notes; pop quiz; Vocabulary

Thursday: Documentary "Planet Food - Spice Trails" with handout

Wednesday: Class Activity: "What I'd do Plan"

Tuesday: No School -- Snow day

Monday: No School--Snow day


Week 19: Jan 30-Feb 3

Friday: Finish TEST/Test Corrections

Thursday: Open note TEST on diagram

Wednesday: Diagram "Ages of European History

Tuesday: Diagram "Ages of European History"

Monday: Diagram "Ages of European History"





Week 18: Jan 23-27

    FINAL = Open-note test on DBQ's and reading notes

Friday: FINAL 1st and 2nd

Thursday: FINAL 4th and 5th

Wednesday: FINAL 3rd and 6th

Tuesday: DBQ Research with annotated notes

Monday: Begin DBQ Research project on Mongols


Week 17: Jan 16-20

Friday: Complete reading

               Due for full credit Monday (1/23) at beginning of class (15 points)

Thursday: "Story of Mankind" reading with handout

Wednesday: Documentary "Barbarians:The Mongols" and notes                    

Tuesday: Correct Geography test and turn in China notes

                  Genghis Khan documentary with notes

Monday: No School


Week 16: Jan 9-13

Friday: Open note & geography test

             China Test: Short Answer Question

Thursday: Practice test--geography

Wednesday: Finish Documentary "China: Dynasties of Power" with notes  (Completed notes)

Tuesday: Finish Reading/notes 

Monday: Reading "Three Great Dynasties" with notes


Week 15: Jan 2-6

Friday: Documentary "China: Dynasties of Power" with notes

Thursday: Mapping China (Color map)

Wednesday: East Asia Reading and Notes

Tuesday: Intro: China

                Video: "China From Above" & Reading Handout: East Asia

Monday: No School


Have a great break! See you next year

Week 14: Dec 12-16

Friday: Documentary: Tibet

Thursday: Finish test and Silk Road Unit

Wednesday: Open note test

Tuesday: Presentations

Monday: Presentations


Week 13: Dec 5-9

Friday: No School - Snow Day

Thursday: Presentations

Wednesday: Road Trip research

Tuesday: Road Trip research (Due at end of class)

Monday: Road Trip research


Week 12: Nov 28-Dec 2

Friday: Finish reading/notes         

            Start "Silk Road Trip"

Thursday: Reading/notes

Wednesday: Finish Map; start "About the Silk Roads"

                      1) Reading notes         2) Interactive website

Tuesday: Mapping & Silk Roads documentary

Monday: Prep map for Asia/Silk Roads unit


Week 11: Nov 14-18

Friday: No School

Thursday:No School--Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday: No School

Tuesday: Summary write-up

Monday: Islam: Mankind reading w/notes (cont)


Week 11: Nov 14-18

Friday:  Career Cruising in Lab 1

Thursday: Quiz

Wednesday: Documentary (cont)

Tuesday: Documentary--Islam: Empire of Faith w/notes

Monday: Islam: Mankind Reading Notes


Week 10: Nov 7-11

Friday:  Veterans Day--No School

Thursday: Reflections write & Finish Greece/Rome notes

Wednesday: Presentations

Tuesday: Presentations

Monday: Presentations


Week 9: Oct. 31- Nov 4

Friday: Readings and notes: Greece-Classical Beacons / notes

                                               Rome-Eternal City / notes


Thursday: Research Project

Wednesday: Research Project

Tuesday: Research Project

Monday: Review documentary notes

                Research Project : Rome vs Greece


Week 8: Oct. 24-28

Friday: Documentary with notes (Rome: The Ultimate Empire)

Thursday: Book Reading--The Legacy of Ancient Greece & Rome (pgs 10-11)

                         Reading Handout Notes #2

Wednesday: Book Reading--The Legacy of Ancient Greece & Rome (pgs 5-8)

                         Reading Handout Notes #1

Tuesday: Finish test

Monday: Review and 'Clozed' note test


Week 7: Oct. 17-21

Rest of week: Documentary with notes, map

Monday: Reading--Early Greece with notes


Week 6: Oct. 10-14


Thursday: The Collective Learning of the Western World

                   New foldable; prepare Greece/Rome reading notes

                    Homework--prep map on foldable

Wednesday: Finish Test

Tuesday: Open note Test

Monday: Review for test


Week 5: Oct. 3-7

Friday:  Complete Documentary w/review activities

               Prepare for open note test next week

Thursday: Continue Documentary

Wednesday: Put Theory on map / Documentary & notes

Tuesday: 'Guns, Germs, Steel' Documentary with notes

                  Map due @ beginning of class for credit check

Monday: Finish mapping (Mapping Instructions)


Week 4: Sept. 26-30

Friday:  Mapping/Big History documentary

Thursday: Library--Mapping (Topographical features of the physical Earth)

Wednesday: Old School Mapping--Techniques of mapping

Tuesday: Guns, Germs, Steel Reading #2 with notes

Monday: Guns, Germs, Steel Reading #1 with notes


Week 3: Sept. 19-23

Friday: Reading #1 with Cornell notes

Thursday: Top 10 'Richest' Countries

                  Prologue to Guns, Germs, Steel and Reading #1

Wednesday: Top 10 'Poorest' Countries

                     Begin Guns, Germs, Steel

Tuesday: Test on Big History

Monday: Finish Threshold 8

               Reflect & Review

               Reflective Write (Homework if not finished in class)


Week 2: Sept. 12-16

  • Friday: Thresholds 7 & 8

  • Thursday: Thresholds 5 & 6

  • Wednesday: Thresholds 4 & 5 w/notes

  • Tuesday: Putting Human History into context

                               Big History Project: Thresholds 1, 2, & 3 (foldable notes)

                                    Documentary: 'Big History of Everything (Intro)

  • Monday: Finish 'Tools of the Brain' foldable

                             Intro to 'Big History' with foldable/vocab/theme


Week 1: Sept. 7-9

  • Friday: Check out books

                           'Top 50 Events'

                                  'Tools of the Brain' foldable

  • Thursday: Discuss Syllabus and Grading

  • Wednesday: Intro and Course Syllabus