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U.S. History: Current work & downloads

Recent Homework: 

Due Monday, September 18:  The French & Indian War.  It's your own review of what happened in this early war in the area that would be our country.  Download or open the reading here: F&I War.pdf     And here are the questions:  F&I War Questions.GoogleDoc 

Due Monday, September 11:  Small amount of reading and questions that cover the first successful English colony in the New World. Failures and successes that will provide the blueprint for England's winning strategy to settle and expand its claims in the new world.  Click on the link, and view what pops-up, or download the pdf onto your computer for viewing in other software: Jamestown.pdf  Here are the questions in Google Docs: Jamestown questions


All Classwork:  

Sept 15:  Students finished the grid (from previous day). If you were absent, download the info packet (below, on the 14th), and finish it before Monday.

Sept 14:  Students worked on a grid & handout on major events that lead to the Declaration of Independance and war, which (for some periods) we started the previous day.  Miss class?  Download these handouts, and have at it:  Reading:  Stirrings_of_Rebellion.pdf    Grid: Events_Leading_to_Dec.pdf  Also, HOMEWORK was assigned and is due on Monday. See the Homework section at the top of this page.

Sept 13: Went over how Capitalism influenced the Pilgrims, Puritans, and other religious groups, and how the northern colonies became characteristically different than the southern colonies; and finally, how the crown took control of all the colonies to form "The United Kingdom of Great Britain."  If you were not here, the notes are in this pdf of the slides I used on this day and the previous class day:  Key class concepts.pdf  Then, debriefed the important ending solutions to your computer lab work (that the colonists should pay taxes, and some trade restrictions be placed on them).  Added three lines of notes to your notes book.  If time, we introduced a fill-in grid that you will work on in class tomorrow.  Not here?  Well, ask a classmate about the general discussion and small resulting notes (or ask Kabat after school).

Sept 12:  We finished the lab that was started yesterday. If you were absent, use an old Powerpoint version to finish. It is not quite the same, but close enough. However, it only shows correctly in Powerpoint. If you use slides, the links won't work, and the font moves all over the place. So, here is a download for use in Powerpoint:  Navigation.ppsx

Sept 11:  LAB: Trade and financial concerns begin to strain relations between the 13 colonies and England.  Download this powerpoint, work through it, answering numbered questions:  Navigation.ppsx  NOTE: Due to the intricate interactions in this powerpoint (it has links and "buttons" to other slides), it MUST run in Powerpoint, and not in any old powerpoint-"like" program.  If you were not in class and do not have Microsoft's Powerpoint program at home, then you will need to do this on a school computer before or after school. Or, you can set up a FREE student account with Microsoft 365 (cloud), and actually download the entire Microsoft Office Suite for free. --But, download and install would take you a while...

Sept 8: Discussed the three main concepts that weave through all our studies this year. You will be asked about these repeatedly. Here is the slide show used in class. But we had examples, questions, and comments that obviously are not in the slides:  Key class concepts.pdf 

Sept 7:  Two items for today:  1)  Homework Assigned on Jamestown.  See the Homework section above to download it.  2) Then, we continued and finished the Land Claims Game.

Sept 6:  Introduction to classroom environments and begin Land Claims Game.  (Not here this first day of class? --Don't worry about it, you can jump right in the next day real easy.)