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Kabat's  Civics  assignments

Assignments on this page come and go.  The most recent will be right below this line.



Signup for one of the subtopics under a topic.  Prepare a verbal presentation of the facts surrounding the topic. You will be interrupted for questions as you present. Others students with subtopics within your topic will be presenting right along with you.

BRIEFING Topics & Subtopics


Equal Protection Clause Group Assignment:

Equal Protection Student 1

Equal Protection Student 2

Equal Protection Student 3



Constitutional Amendments:

Questions on the additions we've made to our U.S. Constitution over the last two centuries. Amendments.docx  To find answers look up online. Bring up Wikipedia page on Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and have another webpage open to look up other things.



Mass Incarceration of Black Americans

The large article that you will be studying to answer the questions is called "The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration."  Can be found HERE.  You will be JUMPING around to different parts of that study to read for answers to the questions.

The question sheet is wordy as it offers help, directions, and a little commentary too.

Questions in Word   or   Questions in Google Docs



Poverty Disparity Jigsaw:

Jigsaw Charts Student 1

Jigsaw Charts Student 2

Jigsaw Charts Student 3



Immigration Debate Topics



In-class work for making up if absent:

Podcast & questions on Refugees and Trump's Travelban.  The Questions are HERE.  To listen to the podcast, go to NPR or go to iTunes. From there, go to This American Life. Once there, listen to the podcast titled "It's Working Out Nicely"  And answer the questions as you go.