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Please make sure the date correspond to the correct school year and you are printing the correct syllabus.  

Chemistry Syllabus 2016-2017


Mat Sci Syllabus 2016-2017


Lab Manual

Please make sure to print the lab manual double sided. 

Student have agreed to not print the Lab Manual at school.  If you can not print the lab manual at home it is possible to use it in the digital format, this however may not be as convenient.   For student who wish to purchase a printed copy of the lab manual it can be made available.  Payment will be made at the ASB office. 

Lab Manual 11th ed. PDF

Lab Report Rubric: The Long Form


Interactive note books

These pages should be printed single sided.

Most of the interactive notebook files

The first Blank Periodic Table that needs to be printed

The NEW Periodic Table that needs to be printed

Please print this "how to write Cornell notes" document