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Physical Science Syllabus
Mr. Stevick
Room #408
Email: jstevick@osd.wednet.edu

Welcome to Physical Science class. This has the potential to be both a thoroughly educationally enriching year as well as an enjoyable experience. Like anything in life, though, what you receive from this class is directly contingent upon how much effort you put forth and your general attitude. This year we will be learning about a variety of physical science topics including, but not limited to introductions to physics and chemistry. Here are some logistics of this course about which you may have been wondering:

Grading: I feel that it is important that you learn good study skills and work ethic, so you will indeed be given a grade in this course. If you have excellent work ethic and a genuine desire to learn I am confident that you will be able to earn at least a “B” in this class.
    A >92%             A- >90%         B+ >88%    B >82%         B- >80%    C+ >78%    C >72%
    C- >70%     D+ >68%    D >55%        F <55%
60% of your grade will based off of tests and quizzes, 20% on homework/science notebook, and 20% on labs/projects/general participation.

Friday quizzes and notebook checks: Generally, every Friday there will be a quiz or a test. Students will be allowed one note card for most quizzes. On tests no notes of any kind will be allowed unless otherwise specified. Nearly every Friday there will also be a science notebook check.

Note on Tests and Quizzes: I generally do not offer any retakes on quizzes or tests. Exceptions may be made for students who show a genuine interest in understanding material and seeking help outside of class time. However, on any test or quiz I do allow students to earn up to a 75% grade if their initial score is below this. This may be accomplished by the following:

1)    Attaching a sheet to the initial quiz or test with notes correcting every question missed. This does not mean writing the correct letter for a multiple choice question, but explaining the answer.
2)    State how you corrected the problem (resources used) – cite your sources

Be prepared to come in and solve a similar problem or answer orally any questions concerning the same topic. To accomplish corrections you may have to utilize one or many of the following resources: come to school early or stay late to talk with Mr. Stevick, consult your text book, go to after school tutoring in the library, ask someone else who could help you, research information on the internet, consult the online text and/or helpful resources, or spend some time working through the problem on your own.

If you are absent on the day of a quiz, you must make it up the next morning before school. If you don’t come in to take the quiz the following day, it will be entered as a zero in skyward. You are allowed two dropped quizzes over the course of the semester. Any missed quizzes beyond these two dropped scores will count as a zero in the grade book (in the case of extenuating circumstances parents should contact Mr. Stevick and arrangements may be made). In order for the grade to be changed from zero you must turn in one of the coupons below to Mr. Stevick, indicating which quiz you would like dropped from your overall grade. If you don’t use one or both of these coupons, you may turn them in before your semester final exam for 2 points extra credit apiece which will go toward your overall semester test/quiz grade.

Whining: I do not appreciate or encourage whining. The same can be said for “you should” statements which could otherwise be stated as polite requests.

Absences from class:. If you are absent from class it is your responsibility to ask another student what was missed or check the class website, which is updated every day with what we have basically done in class, pdf files of some worksheets, links to websites, and other pertinent information. Please utilize this resource if you have internet access at home!

Late Work: I do not like late work at all, because if it is late it means that by the time you are turning it in you already should have completed it; so, if you consistently turn in late work you are probably also consistently confused and the learning process is severely interrupted. In terms of your grade, you will lose at least half the points on an assignment up to a week late and you may potentially earn nominal points for work turned in more than a week late – the purpose of this rule is to discourage you from procrastinating and help you learn science and general life skills. The only exception to this rule will be if you contact me before class the day the assignment is due or have a parent write and sign a note of the legitimate reason why it is late.

Potential late work scenario: Your printer runs out of ink when you are ready to print out your lab report which is due the next day at the beginning of class.
1)    Put it on a flash drive and go to the library or a friend’s house to print it out
2)    Print it out at the library before school (or come to Mr. Stevick from 6:45 AM on and he will let you into the computer lab)
3)    Email it to Mr. Stevick asking politely if he would be able to print it off before class
4)    Solicit your parents to buy a new ink cartridge
5)    Neatly hand write the lab report and let Mr. Stevick know the printer issue present
6)    Ask your parents to write and sign a note letting Mr. Stevick know that you don’t have internet, there is no  money currently to buy ink cartridges, you have no friends, the library was closed, there was no way for you to arrive early to school, and you broke your hand and thus could not write.
A good way to not receive on-time credit:
1)    Tell Mr. Stevick after the start of class that your printer ran out of ink and you have nothing submit.

Pets: Do not bring pets to class unless otherwise specified.

Food: In this classroom you will be allowed to drink water. I recommend bringing a water bottle to school – you can even fill it up in the classroom! Food will not be allowed in the lab area of the classroom.

General classroom rules: The rules for this class are summed up concisely: be respectful, resourceful, and responsible. Also, DO NOT EVER use cell phones, pagers, ipods, or any other electronic devices besides calculators in class; I do not ever even want to see these items, so please turn them off and put them away before class. There is the rare occasion where you will want to take a picture of a demonstration or a lab set-up, and Mr. Stevick will indicate this is ok.

Required materials to have in class every day: Calculator (scientific calculator is best, but it is not ok to use the calculator on your cell phone or music playing device), at least four colors of writing implements, paper (graphing and lined), metric ruler, and spiral notebook (at least 100 page notebook dedicated to science class).

On a closing note, if you are ever having trouble with your homework or you have questions about class, definitely feel free to ask me. I will be at school every day before 6:45 AM (except for Wednesdays when I will be in teacher meetings) and am happy to help all students in their pursuit of excellence and understanding.  Also, especially since I coach cross-country and track after school I encourage you to take advantage of the free after school peer tutoring in the library from 2:25-3:25 PM.